WordPlay’s first anniversary

by | Sep 15, 2013 | WordPlay | 14 comments

The children’s tutoring and writing center WordPlay Cincy 
just celebrated its first anniversary with a party.
Its store, The Urban Legend Institute, is looking great and is full of good stuff.
One of these unique hand-decorated typewriters, donated by Greg Fudacz of
The Antikey Chop, found a new owner at the anniversary party today; 
I convinced her to take the plunge by telling her how much her friends would 
enjoy getting typed letters. I bought one of the Vintage Typewriters calendars
myself; they feature machines from Kasbah Mod.
Some more typewriters are waiting for new owners.
Party attendees passed by some of the stable of working writing machines.
WordPlay recently got some great scientific posters — literally old school.
Some recent poetry projects:

I love this old department store display case.
This Little Free Library was auctioned off.
The Urban Legend Institute got crowded as the evening went on. 
There are lots of books for kids and some great reading for adults too,
like copies of The Believer and ETCetera.
Here’s the woman who makes it all possible, director Libby Hunter.
The event attracted lots of good feelings, donations, and new volunteers.
In a raffle I won some Apple Bourbon Pecan Schnecken from Queen City Cookies.
The #1 ingredient is butter. I’d better get to the gym!
pleasure of restoring the L.C. Smith Super-Speed that belonged
to the reporter’s grandfather.


  1. Will Davis

    Wonderful! I'd love to see this facility in operation some day. Maybe next time I make it down your way we can go.

  2. Ryan Adney

    Has it only been a year? I love your posts about WordPlay and I get really excited every time you have pictures of this amazing space. Libby is doing great work (with your help) and I wish her all the best. Congratulations, WordPlay on a very good year!

  3. Ton S.

    Cheers to WordPlay! I could feel the energy and excitement, wish I was there.

    Please extend my congratulations to Libby for a great year of her inspiring vision and passion. And please tell her that WordPlay really needs someone with biceps like hers haha!

  4. Richard P

    Visitors are welcome. Ton S. has been there, and Robert Messenger will surely be visiting with me when he's here next month.

  5. Ted

    Congrats to Wordplay for a great first year, and here's to many more! (:

  6. Miguel Chávez

    Congrats to Wordplay and all the people who make it possible!

    I have to say, I'm Selectric Green with envy (in a good way) for the fantastic decoration of the place… I might take a page or two (or three or four!) from Wordplay's book to decorate my own window and display cases! They look fantastic!

  7. gee

    Great job… wonderful concept and worthwhile. As other's have said here's to many more great years as well.

  8. Duffy Moon

    That's fantastic! Thanks for keeping us updated on this unique place, Richard.

    I enjoyed spying what I'm sure is "The Phantom Tollbooth" among the books on display, and a "Hidden Ohio" map tucked inside that odd wooden box – I have a copy of this same map on my wall at work: it's handy for planning your vacation around bigfoot hotspots or loci of paranormal activity!

  9. Bill M

    My Happy Birthday wishes to Libby and all those who work to make WordPlay possible.

    WordPlay is absolutely fantastic. It is a joy to see all that is going on there and all the children being given a place to learn.

    Those old science posters are great.

    If I make it to PA this winter maybe I will take a side trip. I know Mrs. will love it too. She used to teach fifth grade.

  10. teeritz

    A year already! It seems to be going great guns. And it's nice to see a newer generation embracing these machines.

  11. J.A.

    WooHoo! What fun. I was hoping to visit here last month when on that biz trip, Richard. Maybe I'll be asked back for another workshop and can do it then.

  12. LibbyHunter

    I am so humbled by all the good will in your circles, Richard! Many thanks for being a very pivotal part of the magic that happens at WordPlay (and for helping us move tables and chairs to make way for the 200+ guests). All are welcome to visit anytime you're in town. Kind regards, Libby

  13. Rob Bowker

    Happy Birthday WordPlay! Long may it continue.


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