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by | Jan 24, 2014 | contest, typewriter shops | 7 comments

Mark Petersen wrote about 
Universal Typewriter Shop in Houston, Texas:

Mark’s dimensional ditty goes like this:
How many typewriters would fit in a shop,
That comes up to my knees if you take off the top?

You say ‘five, tops’ and mutter it’s tragic..,
But I’m sure there are hundreds, it’s probably magic!

Reine Nust was intrigued by 
Executive Business Systems (EBS) in Kansas City, Kansas:

Reine imagines a narrative that connects KC to Amsterdam:

Steve Kuterescz has his eye on 
Allstate Business Machines in Manchester, Connecticut:

Steve’s imagined dialogue reminds me of Abbott & Costello:

As for me, the shop I find most intriguing is Ken & Ray’s, in Baltimore:
I imagine their typewriters saying something like this:
Another Google Street View image:
Ken & Ray’s website
Thanks and congratulations to the winners, who will get $50 certificates from PrintKEG.


  1. Anonymous

    Richard, I'm honored!

    I love every single contribution, and I'm very pleased to be amongst them. It was a lot of fun to do.

  2. TonysVision

    A great contest, and varied set off winning entries. And once again a window into the weirdness and skill of our wonderful typewriter community. Any chance of seeing more of the entries? An "Honorable Mention" category?

  3. Richard P

    The truth is that there were only 3 entries. Happily, they are all fun and clever, and worthy winners, and I didn't have to give anyone bad news.

  4. Anonymous

    I really enjoyed the contest entries, but after reading the back-story on the first shop, I was saddened.

    Universal Typewriter in Houston is a typical typewriter shop scenario – 75 year old owner, works by himself, turning down business because he just can't do much anymore. He's already had three heart attacks. How uplifting it would be for some young person to work as an apprentice and learn from someone with decades of experience. It's sad to think, but we may be seeing the end of the neighborhood typewriter shop. How much longer will Smitty be able to keep his doors open? How many of the shops you've listed will still be open next year? 5 years from now?


  5. Mark

    That dialog reminded me of Abbott and Costello too, delightfully hilarious. Too bad there weren't more entries, but it is indeed good to see the variety in them.

  6. Anonymous

    Ken and Ray's win the prize for best streetscape. Very attractive shop fronts. Thanks for the prize coupon!

  7. Bill M

    Hard choice between the cozy looking shop of Universal Typewriters and Ken and Ray's. I kind of like (an miss) the shops like that (an apartment above and a shop below all in a row).


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