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Don’t you need some more electronic mail

No, seriously, here are some email-based projects that you might just find are worth supporting.

1. Neil Barraclough has produced over 40 issues of Type Town, a lighthearted exploration of typewriter culture and writers who type. Listen to an interview with Neil on the Austin Typewriter, Ink Podcast. Read an interview with him on Substack.

2. David Sax, author of The Revenge of Analog and The Future is Analog, has started a typewritten newsletter. He explains:

During the start of 2023 I spoke about the virtue of analog at Philly Typewriter, the world’s premiere typewriter store and community. Bill and the crew kindly send me home with a Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve typewriter, in mint condition, and stunning baby blue. Here is my way to put it to good use, by whacking out thoughts on the advance of analog, the questions of digital, and what it means to be human today. At least from my perspective.
Each entry is typed without prep or notes, in one pass. I transcribe them, clean up any glaring errors, and then post a photo of the original. Analog, via digital.

You can subscribe on Substack

3. Bob Sassone, columnist for the Saturday Evening Post, is starting a once-a-month email column titled “Paper Says It Might Rain.” It promises to be a nostalgic look back at the days when people actually uttered words like that—and typewriters happily clacked away. You can read about this project and subscribe here. The price is right: $10 for a lifetime subscription. Bob tells me he’s thinking of writing some columns by typewriter, and some by hand.

4. Oh, and if you want to get this blog in your email, you can sign up on Blogtrottr.

Isn’t electronic mail fun??


  1. Anonymous

    This post is worthy of at least one comment. (I can only imagine that others have tried only to be foiled by Blogger.) Thanks for sharing the details on these projects Richard. They all sound interesting.


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