Underwood Electric: survey results

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Underwood Electric | 6 comments

Many thanks to 31 respondents who shared their thoughts on 
what to do with this frame for my Underwood Electric: 
As you can see, simply polishing the aluminum (the Silver Surfer option) is the most popular choice, 
and I’m inclined to do that for at least part of the typewriter shell. 
Simple choices such as black, white, and red also did well.
Respondents also made the following suggestions:

satin orange with accent stripes somewhere
Maroon with a cpl of clear coat gloss layers
Do it with love.
Militaristic would suit this big tank best, but I like the Giger treatment idea. :)
Reminds me of a Deluxe Quiet Tab, perhaps you could match the color combos on one of those and put it on this beast!
Battleship grey with some nice accents of a brighter color
skeletonize it: gracefully take away as much material as you can without losing functionality. Like a skeleton watch.
If the red is chosen, keep the base black. Possibly a black painted base along with the polished aluminum.
A little impossible, but I would like to see a glass side panel to watch the innards working. It’s so amazing, it’s a shame to conceal the machinery.
R2D2 white/blue scheme or cream marble effect
U.S. flag
Since Underwood is now Olivetti, how about Teal?
Make it purple
Do not pimp!
Thanks for the ideas. I promise not to pimp, and I promise to do it with love!
I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Ton S.

    Okay, I can imagine it as is, polished. And thanks for promising not to pimp!

  2. shordzi

    ah, i see an anti-pimp wave coming over the typosphere. pimping has never been popular in the european chapter, it seems. looking forward to see the underwood in full glory.

  3. Bill M

    No Pimping!!! Never gave that option or its opposite a thought.

  4. Richard P

    I think the definition of "pimping your write" is pretty fluid. At its extreme, the results might look like this. I had fun turning this Torpedo into The Purple Prose Producer, but I wouldn't do it with a less common typewriter like this that has such gravitas. No fear, I'll do something classy.

  5. Ton S.

    Typewriter design dictates paint choice. This one is already a statement in itself. IMHO

  6. John

    Richard, I would like to see you repaint the typewriter in its original colours with the crinkle finish. This how the designers saw it and in doing so you will remain faithful to their ideas.
    So many typewriters have been vandalised with botched paint jobs. It is enough to make one cringe seeing these tasteless efforts. If we aspire to be serious collectors then let us all avoid defacing the lovely old machines.


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