Typogram #2

by | Sep 9, 2012 | typogram | 8 comments

Thanks, Robert!

I don’t think I’ve seen the giant Invicta before — certainly it’s much less well-known than the giant Underwood.

And that dingo puppy stamp has got to be the cutest ever.


  1. michaeliany

    if this giant typer hits eBay, i wonder how much it goes for

  2. Bill M

    I wonder does it type?

  3. L Casey

    That is definitely a truck I could see driving to Robert's house. Of course, I would then expect that giant Invicta to be filled to the brim with other, normal sized machines.

  4. A.R.M.S.

    That has got to be the largest typer I have ever seen! I wonder if they would consider making something like that functional; you could just feed a whole ream of newsprint into it!

    I'm glad to see Mr. Messenger's name among the typograms, too.

    I'll be posting the correspondence I have received a bit later tonight! I'm so glad everyone is having such fun with this project!

  5. Fer Andrade

    Great photo! I can imagine the typewriter over the truck, moving slowly on the streets.

  6. Robert Messenger

    So pleased to see this reach its destination in one piece, looking none the worse for (travel) wear. I had my doubts, even though the lady in the post office said, "Don't see why not" when I asked it if qualified as a postcard. Now that I've proved it can be done, other Typospherians can expected some unexpected Typopgrams lobbing in their mailboxes.
    Florian, I think Invicta of Turin was still independently owned at the time this photo was taken, but was soon after majority owned by Olivetti. Certainly Olivettis as early as the Studio 42 were relabelled Invictas

  7. Robert Messenger

    Richard, yes, the dingo puppy is a cutie, all right. But he will grow into a quite ferocious animal, especially if disturbed in his "natural" habitat and his hunting for food. Packs of "pure" dingos live on Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island (1840 sq km), off the Queensland coast, where this branch of the species became isolated from the mainland, survived and thrived. They have been known to kill people, especially anyone who thinks they are cute enough to befriend. Of course, it has only this year been finally established (in court, all these many years later) that a dingo did take Azaria Chamberlain, as Meryl Streep once so memorably claimed. We see the dingo in everyday life, as it was bred into the wonderful "Australian cattle dog", a "heeler" cross between a Northumberland droving dog and a dingo. The original breeder was Thomas Hall, but sadly not the same Thomas Hall who made the Hall typewriter.


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