Typewriter shops of America: Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin

by | Jan 21, 2014 | typewriter shops | 9 comments

This is our last installment, but keep your eye on this blog tomorrow for a followup event.

As before, for contact information, see the list of typewriter repair shops on The Classic Typewriter Page.






Precision Office Machines is housed in Suite 100 of this lovely building in La Crosse, according to recent information:


  1. Phil

    Richard, a very nice job assembling all of these photos. The shop I have used, was not shown (JC Business Machines, Phoenix, AZ), but he is no longer at the Cave Creek Rd address. He is now operating out of his brother's garage in Glendale, AZ.

    How did you get the pictures cropped to the correct size? When I try to use a picture from Google maps, I take a screen print, but I have been unable to isolate just the photo.

    I recently had JC clean and service a Remington Noiseless No. 7, and a Smith Corona Sterling "Flat Top." Duane showed me where my Smith-Corona is identical to the last S-M type bar machine. Just the housing has been changed through 75 years. My Smith-Corona was made in 1937.

  2. Richard P

    It's nice to see the continuities in these long-lived models. I also see many continuities in the big ones: my L.C. Smith no. 2 has many points in common with late Smith-Corona standards.

    I took a screen shot and then used Photoshop to crop it. (On my Mac you can also use Command-Shift-4 to take a shot of only a portion of the screen, but the address fades fast and I wanted it included, so a whole screen shot was the way to go.)

    I list Duane's location as "Bell & 59th," which is a residential neighborhood according to Street View. If that is not current, please send me an e-mail with his current contact information and I'll be happy to update the listing.

  3. Mark

    I'm glad you got Glen's shop in Roanoke, but my favorite typewriter shop in Virginia is the Charlottesville Office Machine Company owned by Ted Wood. I am guessing you could not see his store from the street view?

  4. Ping A

    That typewriter shack in Houston, TX is something else! Would love a peek inside.

  5. Richard P

    No, I couldn't find it. If you can send me a photo (either from Street View or another source) I'll gladly add it.

  6. Scott K

    These photos have been quite a tour for me. I've just loved these. You get a real feel of character from many of these places – some looking run down, some looking bright and energized – and some looking very traditional. Maybe I should document more of the Australian places as I can find them.

    That said… The first photo looks as though the google drop-pin thinks the address is in the rubbish bin.

  7. Mark

    It is quite hidden from the road the address is on, kind of like a business park. I'd have to go take a photo and it is a bit of drive. I've been hesitant to go up there without money because he always has something I want! Last time it was a perfect Royal 10 I had to turn down.


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