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The Jackalope Typewriter Pad is just what your typewriter needs: 

soft, quiet felt on top, with the firm grip of rubber on the bottom.

Try a Jackalope and experience typewriting pleasure!

Dimensions: 13″ x 14″ x 0.25″.

Spacious enough to support a Selectric, but light and flexible. 

The top side of the Jackalope is felt in a variety of pleasant tan and grey shades,
lightly coated to stop fluff loss and to help hold your typewriter. (Click to enlarge.)

The rubber underside of the Jackalope firmly and safely grips your desk or tabletop. (Click to enlarge.)

A very limited number of Jackalope Typewriter Pads is for sale on an experimental basis. I welcome typospherians’ opinions on the quality and value of this pad. If you are not pleased with it, you can send it back for a full refund.

All profits will benefit WordPlay Cincy, a children’s writing and tutoring center in Cincinnati, Ohio that uses, sells, and celebrates typewriters.

At this time I am shipping only within the US and accepting payment only through PayPal
(credit cards are accepted).
Price: $11.99 + $3.00 U.S. shipping.


Thanks to everyone who ordered pads!
I’ll offer pads again, I hope, after getting customer feedback.
Keep your eye on this blog. 


  1. Rob Bowker

    I hope these take off. I'm STILL using the slip-grip pad you packed a book in! grips perfectly but doesn't deaden the racket, for which I'm quite grateful.

  2. Scott K

    How much for postage to AU.

  3. Richard P

    Sorry, I'm keeping it as simple as possible for the time being and posting them only within the US. If they do well, and get good reviews, we'll go international.

  4. Ton S.

    The "add to cart tab" takes me to my Paypal account but not to the item. What to do? This can handle a Lexikon 80, I presume?

  5. Unknown

    I have a felt typewriter pad that is too thick and skids around on the table, and a very thin rubber one that doesn't insulate against sound very well. As soon as I get mine I shall review and compare the three. :D

  6. Ton S.

    Okay, it worked now.

  7. TonysVision

    I've got a wondrous thick felt pad (horsehair) that came as swag along with one of my eBay typer acquisitions. But like Nicks, it skates around on my desktop unless I layer it with that magical sticky shelfliner stuff (MSSS) that comes in rolls. That stuff used as placemats in our RV will keep a table setting of grandma's gold-edged china, including the punchbowl, in place on a road trip the full length of California's Highway 1. But it's two pieces of stuff I need to gather up from wherever I stashed them, so I love the idea of having the felt attached to the MSSS – brilliant. So you have my pay, pal, for a Jackalope pad. A good buy, and thanks for making them available. I would love mine signed, by the way – a simple felt marker scrawl, "Jackalope, by Richard P." will do.

  8. Richard P

    Thanks, Ton. Yes, your Lexikon will fit.

  9. Miguel Chávez

    That was a fast sell! Congratulations!

    I hope you can made the pads available internationally sometime, I have quite a bit of portables (and a few Selectrics!) that would benefit from one. I mean, Pledge makes furniture look great, but it turns my desk into a skate ring for my typewriters!

  10. Mr. Dan

    Holy cow, I read this last night at 9pm and they are gone already! That's what I get for not snatching one up instead of sending the link to Christmas shoppers.

    Glad they moved so fast. I'm eager to hear feedback, and more eager to try one. Typing is more fun with subdued tones and without the machine skittering all over my desk.

    Glad you're offering these. Hope the feedback is all good. Happy Holidays!


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