Type-out with Michael Y.

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  1. Ton S.

    Wow, Michael has a gold SM3 like yours. That's probably the pricey find he mentioned in one of his comments. It looks nice and clean. I noticed that even the feet are gold. Great that you guys got together!

  2. Miguel Chávez

    Cup of coffee: $2.00. Printing paper: $0.50. That a 21st-century kid asks, pointing at your typewriter: "Is that the new Apple?" Priceless!

    I really like the SM3 Olympia, it's a very nice machine indeed. And it looks really fancy with its parts gold-plated!

  3. Dwayne F.

    Dang, that SM-3 looks awesome! I just checked your collection photos to get a better idea of what it looks like. Have you blogged on this machine?

  4. notagain

    Michael's a great guy and a fine ambassador for the hobby. We'll get him so used to typing in public he'll set up his own type-ins soon!
    I don't know why so many typospherians are timid about typing in public. Reactions are overwhelmingly positive in my experience. It's like old cars – people smile and have to come and see.

  5. Ted

    nice little type-in! You should have brought your gold Olympia too and created history. Probably the first time two of those have been in the same place at the same time since they were made :D

  6. Bill M

    Great typeiin type-out.
    The gold SM3 is fantastic. The typeface is wonderful.
    It must be fun to be able to type at a sidewalk diner or cafe.

  7. L Casey

    Look at you guys. That looks like a whole bunch of fun, and I will join the masses by complimenting the SM3. I'm sure it was a blast.

  8. Scott K

    What an awesome SM3! Wow!

  9. Fer Andrade

    Nice type in! The olympia looks great, a very beautiful typewriter.

  10. maschinengeschrieben

    I had no idea that gold Olympias existed. Sounds like a very nice Type-In!

  11. Jeff S Paul

    In Claremont? My town!! Enjoy this peaceful little burg. The Congressional typeface of the Olympia SM3 is very stately. The machine itself looks regal.

  12. Richard P

    Hope we can repeat it with you sometime! I enjoyed my first visit to Claremont, it's a lovely place.

  13. Monda

    The SM3 is elegant, but that typeface is the real gold. Gorgeous.

  14. Richard P

    I have to make a correction: according to the NOMDA Blue Book information which Ted Munk so kindly posted, the typeface is called Congress, not Congressional.

  15. michaeliany

    Richard – it was super great fun meeting you. I think i talked about it incessantly the rest of the week with my wife. hahaha.

    As for the typewriter – it will hold that special place in my heart for the longest of times.

    sorry i havent put up my half of the typecast/blog – baby is freaking killing us! exhaustion rules. i can hardly even type. have a great week!

  16. Anonymous

    Richard, when I first read "Claremont", I thought to myself, must be some OTHER Claremont, seeing as there are many cities with the same name, and seeing as you're not from So Cal. But I kept thinking that that diner looked awfully familiar. And then I read "Southern California", and I thought, dang, that's the diner in the Village! Man, had I known you were out this way, I'd have come down to meet you. I live about 25 minutes away from the colleges.

    So why were you out here? Were you doing something at the colleges out here? Or were you just on vacation?

    Anyway, that Olympia is absolutely gorgeous.

    Honestly, I often wonder what people type when they get together (other than a typecast about typing out in public). I have a hard time typing if my wife is standing behind me while I type, so I don't think I'd handle the scrutiny of strangers too well. But I've never liked attention on me. You guys are braver than I, that's for sure.

  17. Anonymous

    "…out here…out here"

    "I have a hard time typing … while I type"?

    I HATE it when I'm redundant. I should proofread before I commit…

  18. Richard P

    Shoot! I'm sorry, I had forgotten that you lived in the area. Let's try to meet next time. My father-in-law lives in Redlands and we were visiting him for a few days.

  19. Anonymous

    Redlands, huh? I'm in Fontana, somewhere in-between Redlands and Claremont. I live just above Route 66 (ya know, the one from the song).

    So is your wife from out this way as well? Or did your father-in-law move out here all by himself?

  20. shordzi

    Thanks for sharing.


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