Two exciting Smith-Coronas … and Gidget

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The obscure image in the golden shield is a lion’s head. 

The auction photos. I thought the paint looked unusual … then I read the description.
The seller later wrote to me: 

… [In 1985] I went back to NY and there every one was the word up to date, computer stuff and all that. mr Blass was there and he handed  me the type writer and said “Keep up with the times, and happy 20 years.”  most of the people there laughed. when I got back to my hotel i found a note inside with a coupon stating that till my death all Items made by his corporation were on the house. SO I raid stores every month, the joke is still rolling. I need to see this one go, I have no use for it, I used it in our office for a long time, I am still back in the 50s mentally, still using type writers and such, just like the rhythm of the machines.I hope this makes a good story to tell everyone. will be a fun piece to talk about. PS it was chromed because of my love for old cars.

Now I also have to share yet another typewriter that’s kinda kitschy, kinda tacky, but totally delightful anyway. I recently cleaned up this little Royal Parade for WordPlay’s Urban Legend Institute. The delicate tabulator mechanism nearly drove me up the wall, but when I had it fixed I found myself liking it very much. I don’t know why, but I decided that her name is Gidget … Gidget the Gadget.

More on Smith-Corona Golden Shields:
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  1. Unknown

    Those Golden Shields are impressive indeed.

    I watched that chromed Classic 12 and almost bid on it! I think it's found a better home with you though. :) The story behind it was quite amusing.

  2. Piotr Trumpiel

    That Classic 12 looks like a plastic typewriter being eaten by a chrome monster! And I do like the words that come out of the Gidget's slugs :)

  3. Ted

    Great set of typers, and awesome story about the Chromed Classic! I do very much like the Golden Shield. A paper pocket in the case – who would think that's a "frill"?

  4. Ton S.

    Nice finds, all three. The Golden Shield is interesting and attractive in its own right. Are all for Urban Legend or just the Royal?

  5. Richard P

    Just the Royal, at least for now.

  6. Anonymous

    Interesting. I have a Classic 12 and was recently out-bid on a nice blue Golden Shield Courier.

  7. Bill M

    Those are some really nice typewriters. I really liked the Golden Shield until I saw the Classic 12. The Classic 12 has quite an impressive story.

  8. Scott K

    Ohhhhhhhh shiny. Shiny, shiny typerwriter… Mmmmm… What is it about shiny typewriters that I love so much?

  9. Richard P

    Ha, that's the kind of subrational salivation I aspire to inspire!

  10. Miguel Chávez

    I'm not a huge fan of chromed typewriters, but that Golden Shield is fantastic!

  11. Mark Adams

    The Golden Shield is such a beautiful machine. Makes me want to expand my most wanted list!

  12. Rob Bowker

    The siding ribbon cover reminds me of the old Saab 94's bonnet (hood) that slid forwards on rails, then tipped 90 degrees for full engine bay access.

  13. Unknown

    The phrase "Golden Shield" is cracking me up for some reason, but it's a beautiful machine.

  14. Anonymous

    What a beautiful thing!

    Thanks for the tip on fixing the skipping problem – hopefully it'll work on my Classic 12 too……

  15. Dwayne F.

    I love the story behind the chromed beast. It was made a bit late for tailfins and whitewalls, but such is life. The cover articulation on the SCMs is a wonderful thing. It also makes for interesting typewriter face photography on ebay and in the wild.


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