Time for a typewriter safari

by | Dec 7, 2019 | safari | 16 comments

Today, Ohio Valley Antique Mall was crawling with typewriters … and I crawled through it too. Now you can do the same just by scrolling through this post.

Two of these typewriters are models I had never seen before “in the wild.” One of them was a must-buy. I think it will be pretty easy for you to guess what I’m talking about, unless you’re a newbie to typewriter collecting. Feel free to post your guesses in comments. I’ll post the answers tomorrow.


  1. David Brechbiel

    I would definitely purchase the bakelite DM 22. That is one unusual portable. We could share ownership! You take it in 2020 and I'll take in 2021. :) A great add to German Portables!

  2. Bill M

    Definitely the DM22 & Commodore. Depends on the price for the SG1.

  3. SteveK

    The Leader of the pack.

  4. Ted

    Oh wow, that one really jumps off the page, don't it? and only $49? Certainly that DM22 in burgundy Bakelite! :D
    I'd also have probably grabbed at that duckbill Commodore Consul.
    Wowser, I'd call that a very successful Safari! (:

  5. Mark

    I'd have snagged that Plana and the Royal QDL. Maybe the Commodore too… good safari!

  6. Richard P

    I forgot to post the answers! But my perceptive readers spotted the unusual machines. The Commodore is one that I've never seen before in person. I believe it's a model 235. I was impressed with its solid construction, smooth operation, and keyset tabulator. But it was dirty and pretty pricey. The DM 22 (a name variant of the Olympia-Plana) was a must-have. The "DM" machines were produced by Olympia to appeal to the politics of the '30s: DM stands for (Die Maschine des) Deutschen Mechanikers, or The Machine of the German Mechanic, and for a while I owned a DM that used Nazi jargon on its Fraktur decals. That was too much for me, I had to get rid of it. But there is nothing obviously political on this typewriter.

    The Underwood Leader is good-looking, but when you look more closely it's marred by an identification number scratched into the paint by a former owner. It is not particularly rare or particularly well-built, so I gave it a pass.

  7. Richard P

    I suppose I should say that the Commodore has a "dial-set tabulator." You move the dial to the left of the keyboard up or down to set and clear the tab stops.

  8. Richard P

    The glossy Remington Super-Riter was also tempting at just $39.99.

  9. Robert Messenger

    By sheer coincidence, I've just posted on a 1942 Sears Christmas Book ad for the Marx Dial.

  10. Robert Messenger

    And only last night I wrote a blog post on Rheinmetalls, Tramiel and Commodores for Charlie Foxtrot, but goodness knows when that might be published.

  11. Nick Bodemer

    I'd have bought the DM and the Royal Safari.

  12. DonN

    I thought the DM. I have the same portable Commodore and recently spent a few hours fixing it up. If yours is busted I can tell you how I fixed mine!

  13. Indro

    I just bought a Olympia plana (DM22) in Germany, I'll receive it in about 2 weeks.. On my wish list is still a Smith Corona Zephyr!

  14. Miffed

    Wow. Would that such a mall replete with machines were near to me! I can cruise the shops near me an entire day and come across perhaps two or three machines or low-to-no appeal. I see a Royal KHM among your pics, and I just this week acquired one. I'm anxious to get to work on it. Congrats on your new purchase.

  15. Richard P

    I didn't buy it, but thanks.


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