The Squad Car

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  1. Dwayne F.

    Both machines are gorgeous! I passed on a turquoise model that popped up as a BIN last year. I was in the midst of a type face obsession and still have a vague regret for not jumping on it. Such is life.

    Are they pretty smooth for actual typing?

    I'm looking forward to seeing your interview clips!

  2. Ton S.

    Glad to hear the interview pushed through, Richard!

    Gorgeous typers, similar to my Underwood Deluxe Quiet Tab. The b&w is particularly fetching.

  3. Bill M

    Car 54 Where are you ???? Both of those typewriters are very nice looking machines. Congratulations on your interview.

  4. shordzi

    Elegant fellas, never saw them here in Europe.

    Interviews always have their proper dynamics – usually the unexpected. I am looking forward to the results. I heard about a Swiss typewriter film in the making – update when I know more.

  5. Richard P

    If Olympias get an A for smoothness, these typewriters get a B-. Not unpleasant when they're clean and well-adjusted, but noticeably less smooth and sophisticated than the most advanced typewriters of their day. The carriage return is quite noisy. There is no tabulator brake, and the name "Quiet Tab" is a real misnomer. The only mechanism that's truly quiet is the basket shift.

  6. Art

    **I couldn't figure out how to add a non threaded comment…**

    But the turquoise one kind of looks like the military guy next to the cop…

  7. notagain

    I use the corks from balsamic vinegar bottles (and similar) as platen knobs. They have the finger ridges and can be trimmed and gouged out to fit. I love that color scheme – very striking.

  8. Ted

    Having only the one Golden Touch, I can say that the Underwood feels, well, slightly more "rigid" than other machines of the period, for instance a Smith Corona. Where the SC feels kind of "loose", the Underwood feels "stiffer", as if it was engineered to closer tolerances. I love to type on it, but I feel like if I was typing many pages, I'd choose the SC over the Underwood unless I really wanted to give my fingers a workout.

  9. Duffy Moon

    I've wanted one of those since seeing E.B. White photographed typing on one. Lovely, both of them.

  10. typewriter poetry

    Such beauties! And that documentary sounds great, would love to check it out when it's done.


  11. maschinengeschrieben

    That one is even more gorgeous than its green brother. I just spotted an Underwood Finger-Flite on ricardo, at least the design looks very similiar, although it's almost boring grey.

  12. Mike Speegle

    Nice! Those two look like they should be in a buddy cop show.

    "Tab Green is a loose cannon who play by his own rules. Underwood White is a straight-laced cop who does things by the book. Thursday this Fall, they are…Keyed into Crime."

  13. Rob Bowker

    r/h platen knob's a doorstop or somesuch

  14. Richard P

    Yes — it's actually a rubber typewriter foot that happened to fit tightly on. A couple of years ago I bought a big batch of assorted office machine feet from Germany that have proved to be very useful.

  15. Fernando Antunes

    They are both fantastic! Too bad is so damn hard to get those brands around here …

  16. Robert Messenger

    Oh, very nice new background, anything to do with the Nile?

  17. Crystal

    Love the way both of those look, though I must admit I like the Squad Car more. =) Thanks for sharing.

    Also good to know that these type at a B- to the Olympia's A.

  18. Anonymous

    I'd rather type on a gorgeous machine that requires kung fu grip hand strength than on an ugly machine with buttery smooth action. It's like driving my car after it's been washed. Somehow it seems to drive better just because it looks good. Since I don't have to type all day for a living, I place aesthetics above pure pragmatic function. Sure, an ugly girl who can cook is nice. But if she's really hot looking, I can live with having to eat sandwiches.

  19. Richard P

    Ha ha! I know what you mean. Style counts.


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