The road from Milwaukee

by | Aug 11, 2014 | safari | 7 comments

On the way back home from Milwaukee, I got to return to my old haunts in Chicago (where I lived for 6 years) and see my friend Ton S., whose report on the visit you can find here
Here’s Ton in his office, where his MP1 is proudly displayed.
The “reveal”: I bought his Omega II. Looks just like a Princess, and it’s a good typewriter, but it doesn’t feel as smooth as the German original. (I sure look like a conehead from this POV!)
Then there was still time for a little typewriter hunting on the road. This rusty and dusty RNP7 for $77.50 was, unfortunately, typical of what I saw.
 A simple UB Royal portable from 1940 had these “suggestions” with it, so I took the opportunity to snap a couple of pictures: 
Here’s an Underwood 5 with a familiar-looking printout from my website.
I got home without acquiring any new typewriters. Just as well—if my count is right, I already had 15 16 in the car!


  1. Ton S.

    I wonder where exactly the difference lies between the Bulgarian Omega II and the German Princess when they are based on the same design. Or perhaps German vs. Bulgarian already says a lot. What about Princess vs. Scheidegger, are they really identical?

    Come back soon (and stay longer!).

  2. Robert Messenger

    That would be an Olivetti ICO MP1, Marty, Olivetti's first portable. At least the first five letters are right.
    Thanks Richard for such a great coverage of your trip. Sounds wonderful.

  3. Ted

    I think Ton needs more typewriters in his office. Isn't it manditory that Typospherians keep at least 5 of them at work? :D

  4. Ton S.

    Haha, I have three on rotation at the office.

  5. Steve Snow

    Any road trip is enriched by typewriters and this one sure looks like it was. Thanks for the updates and keep on typing.

  6. Michael Davenport

    Glad to hear you like the Omega II. I picked one up for $83 including shipping. I know it was a little steep, but it was a gift for my wife. She wanted a red typewriter, and this neat little machine with the hip lining seemed to fit the bill. It seems to be an okay machine, the paint is a little cheap, the action a little rough and the badge was missing, but it was super clean, and had the original documentation.

    Any idea how old it is? I've read about the Plovdiv plant on Robert Messenger's site, but since it looks like a Princess knockoff would you figure 1950s?


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