The insurgency spreads

by | May 9, 2012 | Insurgency | 5 comments

Hits for “typewriter insurgency” on Google on May 1, 2012: 0

On May 8, 2012: 270

It’s been facebooked, googleplussed, and even given a few tweets (thanks, Rino).

Here are 2 great creative adaptations of the manifesto:

Magic Margin 
No, I don’t want your credit card

— and a kindred feeling at Conversations With My Id.

I haven’t had the opportunity yet to spread the word in the most appropriate way — through typed statements on paper — but am looking forward to it.

Additional links, added after this post was first published:

The manifesto Anglicized
The manifesto adapted to Portuguese
A logo for the insurgency

Hits for “typewriter insurgency” on May 20, 2012: 2290


  1. wordrebel

    BRAVO!! I've printed a few out on 8 1/2×11 sheets of sticker paper and have been plastering them where I can…there isn't a Starbucks in the area without one! ;u)

  2. Bill M

    I keep getting weird looks and sometimes questions about the copy I have on my office wall at work. Then when those who have peaked around the corner and notice the Royal Signet I get even stranger looks from those who really want to ask and do not ask why I have a "..is that blue thing on the shelf a typewriter?"

    I really should find a working Oliver for work.

  3. Richard P

    I was typing comments on student papers on an Olympia at a coffeehouse a couple of weeks ago. I got some wide-eyed stares, and the owner of the coffeehouse came over to chat about how her mom, a secretary, could type lightning fast on a manual typewriter. She even wanted to take a picture. Then when I went to pay my bill, the girl at the register said, "So what's with the typewriter?" — "I like using it for certain jobs," I said. — "Non-editable jobs?" she muttered.

    My point is that something as anti-paradigmatic as public typing really gets noticed. (The average American certainly hasn't heard of "the typewriter renaissance" and doesn't know that it's a "hipster" thing.) Sometimes the attention is very positive, sometimes people are really disturbed by the sight. It's almost like an act of civil disobedience.

  4. notagain

    I'm enjoying this. I'll have to keep some text ready to transcribe, appropriate for locations/situations (e.g. the more "revolutionary" language is probably not good for an airport or airplane, where they are more tetchy). My experiences reflect your own – either big grins or scowls, or willfully ignoring me.

  5. maschinengeschrieben

    I just hope I'll never hear "You are part of the typewriter insurgency and a traitor. Take him away!"


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