The Batmobile of typewriters

by | Aug 27, 2010 | Voss | 9 comments


  1. deek

    I've found carbon ribbons at really low prices (lowest that I have found) over at ANTOnline ( http://u.nu/64dye – a direct link to the carbon ribbons I have purchased and use).

    Shipping is high, but you can play around with quantities and figure out the shipping tiers (I think I found the best bet was to purchase at least 4 at a time). When you do a unit cost comparison, they are really inexpensive.

  2. Adwoa

    Ah, now I see what you mean about the carbon ribbon. I've spotted one on my favorite Swiss office supply site that is intended for the IBM 82C, so I shall put in an order for one at some point. I suppose you need to re-roll this on to regular spools to make it work?

    The Voss is one of many machines I have admired from far and will continue to do so for the time being – your black specimen is really quite unusual and very handsome. I have only seen these gull-wings in green. One of the bakelite models that broke your heart has made a surprise appearance on a Swiss auction site… hmm. *adds to watch list*

  3. Will Davis

    That picture of the VOSS might just be the sexiest typewriter picture I ever saw. Great stuff as always!

  4. Richard P

    Will, it's thanks to you that I became aware of the Voss in the first place!

    Adwoa, I tried a carbon ribbon for a different IBM model and found that it was too delicate and too wide. I recommend the ribbons for the IBM Selectric I (also known as the model 71). Deek has identified the right ones. And yes, you need to wind the ribbon onto regular spools. Some spools are a little too narrow and the ribbon will bunch up; others will handle it without any problem. Experimenting is part of the fun!

  5. rino breebaart

    Bruce Wayne uses a Royal, but Batman uses the Voss.

  6. Mike

    Richard, is that a paper insert advance lever I see on the right side…similar to the SG-1's?

  7. Richard P

    No, Mike, that's the paper feed release lever. I've never encountered a portable typewriter that has a "paper injector" à la SG1 and other big machines.

  8. Duffy Moon

    Richard – I had forgotten that I'd brought my (identical, excepting condition…) Voss to the typewriter meetup, in hopes that I could compare ours (and in so doing diagnose the demons that are plaguing my own machine). Perhaps another time…
    I also have tried the carbon IBM ribbon in a few machines, with little success. I know you've done it in an Olympia SM, because I typed on it myself. On my own SM-4 th ribbon advances too slowly, it seems. I'll have to give it another try on the Voss.
    Thanks for the idea and the typewriterly eye candy.

  9. michaeliany

    Still the most striking voss out there.


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