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Much as I may grumble about our normal relationship with digital technology, at this abnormal time, the Internet is crucial for me to do my job (teaching online), get information, and stay in touch with friends and family. The typosphere is confronting the pandemic with ingenious combinations of typewriting and online communication.

For instance, in Baltimore, Sefu C. posted on Instagram, offering to write to new pen pals:

If you want a letter, I’ve got time & stamps & so much to say to you. 

In L.A., Garrett L. created the hashtag #covid19correspondence, commenting:

Write a letter to someone who’s sequestered or isolated. Give them a tangible reminder that there’s a real world out there, where they’re being thought of, and ask them to do the same. The physicality of real correspondence may be the most tactile contact some people have.

Sean B., in Calgary, retyped some thoughts by fellow typewriter lover Gabriella M., in Vermont:

Meanwhile, Hannah R. posted a wonderful selection of her collages, which incorporate typewritten words. You can order them through Instagram; you get 5 for just $20.

Maybe you’d like to type up a page and submit it to Daniel M.’s new project, One Typed Page — or just visit and see what’s on the minds of some fellow typists.

What have you been up to?


  1. Bill M

    Thanks for the links. I have a few letters to write. I'll see what I can do for One Typed Page.

  2. D.

    Nice idea! I wrote many letters last week! And also postcards typewritten (mail-art). An idea: why don't organize a mail-art contest dedicated to typospherians?

  3. Gisizee

    Thank you so much for including me in this roundup and for all that you do! I love the community of collectors and writers I've found on Instagram. Now more than ever the good people of the typosphere comfort and inspire me with their creativity and compassion. Thanks for being a big part of that!

  4. David Brechbiel

    My business is school and city government websites, so time is just now freeing for me. I have managed to refurbish a Police Car Underwood Quiet Tab Deluxe and am excited to put the pieces together and type me some 'Stymie'. :) I have been working on a typewriter online community for years and the goal is to open it soon. And I need to get back to writing and plan on completing a long, overdue story of typewriters and time-travel … the cV got in the way of my timeline. Stay safe everyone!

  5. Robert in Silicon Valley

    I've been writing lots of letters AND postcards. Only 35 cents postage for domestic US postcards.


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