Spires and square donuts

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  1. Rob Bowker

    Nice looking town – plenty of greenery and the wooded hills look inviting. And what a sensible choice of lightweight typewriters.

  2. Richard P

    Does it look at all like Oxford?

  3. Ton S.

    Thus far, that's the most elegant typewriter case I've seen. Handsome leather lining with all the brushes and ephemera. I wish Olivetti did the same for Lettera 22.

    The Spires of Yale, the square donuts… I'm liking it.

  4. Anonymous

    Those square donuts look real funny. The briefcase however is truly amazing! Was it originally made for typewriters? Custom made? Or just a coincidence?

  5. Ted

    Wonderful typewriter and case that John has there. I'm curious what the razor blade is used for, though. (:

  6. Will Davis

    Great views of the city — I love that last one. So picturesque you wouldn't believe it really exists.

    My TIPPA-S has a 'value added' carrying case with room for some appurtenances, but nothing like that one you show here! Very cool.

  7. Richard P

    The case was intended especially for the Tippa. I think John said the price for the typewriter was something like 350 DM and the case was 70 DM (correct me if need be, John).

  8. Scott K

    That's such a beautiful case! The man has taste. And that looks like a very attractive town. Hope you're enjoying your stay!

  9. Miguel Chávez

    This post has convinced me to wear a tie the next time I sit in front of the typewriter in turn… unless it's a Lettera 32. In that case, a headband, bell-bottoms and floral shirt will be in order.

    I'm seriously thinking about starting making my own typewriter cases… and that case is just amazing!

  10. Bill M

    Great! It is wonderful that you got to meet a local typist. His case is really cool. I tend to agree with Miguel after seeing Mr. Whitlock and now Mr. Lambert dressed in proper office attire I may need to break out a nice shirt and tie when I type. I kind of miss the days of needing to wear a coat and tie to the office (well, not really. Too hot in summer).

    Those old New England cities are fascinating. I loved it when I had to make business trips to them. I always managed to have a camera and plenty of film.

  11. notagain

    Very nice type-in! I like the case too.

  12. John

    Close. The Freiburg firm of "Emil Schwehr Büromaschinen Reparatur-Werkstätte (office machines repair-workshop) offered the Gossen typewriter and metal shell for 325 DM (about $81 U.S. in the mid-1950s) and yes, the leather case was an additional 70 DM. Its ad suggested that with the elegant leather case the Tippa would become a "fliegenden Büro (that is, a "flying office"). I'm sending Richard the flyer and a photo of the front with the "Tippa clasps", since I do not think I can attach them here.

    John Lambert

  13. Winston


    I finally caved and bought a new laptop computer. I've been racking my brains for a way to turn a typewriter case into a laptop case, with spaces to hold a mouse, digital camera, memory cards, etc. I could always try carving a block of styrofoam into an appropriate shape but wanted to go for something more elegant. Anyone you know ever attempted this?

  14. Richard P

    That's a new idea for me. I've only done it the other way around (toted a little typewriter around in a laptop case).

    John has sent me more info on his Tippa case, by the way, so there will be a followup to this post.

  15. Winston

    Ha! It was a new idea for me, too! We're renting our house out for the summer and having to find other places to be–which is one of the reasons I needed a decent portable computer. The laptop bag I have is fine, but boring. I'm thinking the blue case from my Royal Safari typewriter would look much smarter.

  16. David Lawrence

    Razor blades can be used for scraping characters off paper, and for sharpening pencils, and for sharpening eraser-pencils.


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