Southwest Ohio safari

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Lebanon, Ohio
I spent the afternoon today touring antique shops of southwest Ohio, in search of guess what. Here’s what I spotted. At the end of the day, I had two of these in my trunk. The first person to guess which ones they were will get a real, physical postcard in the mail.
Royal HH, $49:
Tom Thumb, $34:
Royal KHM, $49:

De-Luxe Dial, $45:
Dial, $29:
Berwin, $15:
Remington portable no. 2, $48:
Sears Malibu, $25:
Underwood portable, $49:
Corona Sterling, $85:
Remington 10, $65:
Underwood, $65:
Royal KMG, $65:
Tom Thumb, $24:
Corona Sterling, $99:
Sears toy, $25:
Buddy L, $10:
SCM Coronet, $65:
Montgomery Ward Cartridge Mark II, $20:
Model typewriter advertising Regal rebuilts, $475:
Simplex, $65.67:
Royal Safari, $59.95:
Smith-Corona Sterling Cartridge, $29.95:
Royal KMM, $49.99:
Remington portable no. 2, as is, $45:
Royal Aristocrat, $75:
Smith-Corona Silent, $40:
Royal KMM, $50:
Royal QDL, $65:
Corona Comet De Luxe, needs work, $59:
Royal portable, $169:
Underwood, $150:
Royal HH, $55:
Tom Thumb, $42.50:
Smith-Corona Sterling, as is, $28:
Smith-Corona Silent, $60:
Woodstock, $129:
Olympia electric, $19:
Underwood, $45:
Smith-Corona Super Sterling, $59.99:
Smith-Corona Classic 12, $39.99:
Royal 440, $39.99:
Royal QDL, as is, $29.99:
Remington 12, $85:
Royal portable, $99.95:
Olivetti-Underwood Studio 44, $79:
Underwood Master, $59:
Royal HH, $60:
Woodstock, $98.95:
Royal KMG, $29.99:
Bing No. 2, $145:
Tom Thumb, no price; Buddy L, $19.99:
Royal Futura, $49.99:
Here are a few of the places I visited:
Welcome, Big Brother is watching you:


  1. Words are Winged

    Wow, you found a tonne. Im guessing the 2nd remington 2, and the underwood portable. I hope you asked the shopkeep about the absurdity of the little regal miniatures price.

  2. Thom "Pappy" B

    well, I'd be buying that last Royal because it says ACME on it, which is a classic. And if it's VOGUE I know it's in the trunk.

    I also like the COMET, even if it needs work.

  3. Mr.E

    Im thinking the Royal KHM with decimal tab and the 2nd Remington portable 2

  4. Ted

    KHM, KMG. Let's see if I have my thumb on your pulse.. :D

  5. Erik

    I'm going with one of the KMMs and the Underwood 4-bank.

  6. Piotr Trumpiel

    Such a plethora of nice machines in quite reasonable prices! I'm sure seeing all them at one would make my head explode and I'd start running around like a headless chicken if I could only buy two of them. My choice would be the nice Royal combo of KHM for $49 and portable for $99. In your case though I'd guess it wouldn't be any of the office giants (as you don't want to sleep on the porch – even temporarily ;) ) so I'd lean towards two of the three "as is" machines: S-C Sterling and Royal QDL. A bit of fun for you tinkering with them and the world of good for Wordplay Cincy :)

  7. Unknown

    I'll guess the Underwood Portable 4 bank ($49) and the Royal portable with GARLOW stenciled on the case for $99.95.

  8. Richard P

    You all have good taste, but no one has guessed the pair yet.

  9. Unknown

    Okay, give us a hint. Are they for you or for Urban Legend?

  10. Mr.E

    Could it be the $30 QDL and $40 Classic 12?

  11. Unknown

    Hmm, hmm…. If you didn't get that Underwood I'll eat a musty ribbon. Gotta think some more.

  12. Unknown

    2nd guess… Underwood 4 bank and the Remington Portable 2.

  13. SteveK

    KMM $49.99, Smith Corona Sterling

  14. David Brechbiel

    I am not good at this game. But I would choose the Sears Malibu, because it has interesting tab keys and a great blue color and the little advertising Royal/Regal typewriter. I like interesting ephemera and refurbishing typewriters had to be a big business at one time.

  15. Unknown

    Considering they would end up on your workbench at Urban Legend, I guess the $29.99 QDL and $27 Sterling

  16. Unknown

    The Green Tom Thumb and the Dial (black with red)..my guess.

  17. Rolf Boone

    Bing No. 2 and the electric Olympia.

  18. TomR

    Bing No. 2 and Underwood 4 bank.

  19. Richard P

    Well, it's hard to play this game when you can't personally inspect the typewriters to see their condition. Many made reasonable guesses, but no one guessed the particular pair that I bought: the black '30s Underwood portable and the blue Futura. Both will be easy to fix up, and will bring a good profit to support WordPlay. Thanks for playing! (The Bing was the rarest typewriter I saw on my journey, but it was in terrible shape.)

  20. Abby Hogan

    LOOK AT THEM ALL!!!! I live in the wrong part of the country

  21. Ping A

    Just caught up on this blog but I would have been wrong on both guesses. What a variety!

  22. DonN

    Corona comet and Bing #2 would be my guess.


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