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PS: Among Rocky Jones’ revelations: That device on the lower right corner of the Royal HH is properly known as a Palm Tabulator; the ’50s Godrej was a clone of the R.C. Allen 600; and R.C. Allen revived the old Woodstock Electrite, putting out the R.C. Allen Electrite, with a “fluted metal shaft” mechanism different from the other electric typewriters on the market.


  1. rn

    Richard: I think I'm going to set up shop as a 'palm tabulator reader.' Great view of your office with its wonderfully variegated selection of office machines.

  2. Ryan Adney

    That is a study worthy of a philospher. It looks comfortable and a perfect place to write or read or think. The Craftsman style is wholy compatiable with the the Typosphere movement. I think I feel a blog post coming on.

  3. rn

    Oh, and, I truly enjoy your sketch of the sein without zeit machine. There's something right about the grand typewriter of being having only a question mark key while boasting dual shiftlocks.

  4. lucia

    What a wonderful study! It would be wonderful to see more pictures of how writer/collectors organize and display their machines!

    And the ? typewriter image is WONDERFUL. Would you consider putting that on a CafePress t-shirt, I would really LOVE to wear that to my next academic conference!


  5. Duffy Moon

    Good heavens. Have you ever known somebody who seemed to be good at absolutely EVERYTHING, and you just really wish (sometimes, in your dark heart) that you could hate them, and so but they're just so infuriatingly nice and decent and un-hate-able?
    Me neither.
    But that's a pretty cool picture you sketched. I'm sure I could draw one just as awesome.
    (My glass is half empty again. How does that always happen?)

    But seriously: that would rock on a tee-shirt.

  6. Richard P

    I'll be happy to make a t-shirt when I have the free time, and will post a link on this blog when it's ready. Maybe in the process I can fix the screwy perspective!

  7. Martin A. Rice, Jr.

    As you know, I've always admired your offices, at home and at the university. In fact, I use a picture of your university office as a background on at least one computer! It gives me something to dream about!!

  8. Ton S.

    Hi Richard. First visit to your blog and really enjoying it. I'll sign-up as a follower. That study is just awesome!

    I am also an academic and I'm glad I found another one (as they say, academics are the most in-bred species that ever despoiled the planet!). I'm based in Chicago.

    I just launched a blog on typewriters and other "lo-tech." "Manual Entry" suggested that I ask your help in identifying a machine used in a movie that I posted about recently. It's the post entitled "Typing on the Silver Screen." Hope you can visit!

  9. Don Lampert

    Have you ever seen or used an R C Allen Electrite typewriter, or for that matter a late 1969-70 R C Allen typewriter? Can't seem to find any pics of either on-line. While we're on a Allen track, I also cant find out anything about the supposed Woodstock/Allen transition typewriter, the Signature model!? Thanks, and I too love your study – seems like you live in an Arts & Crafts bungalow – I'm sure it's lovely!


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