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It’s time for another safari and guessing game. These are the typewriters I saw on my latest visit to the Ohio Valley Antique Mall, with prices as best I recall them. Which, if any, did I bring home? The first person to guess correctly will get some paper mail from me.

 1. Hermes 3000 in a “back to school” display, $39:

2. Smith-Corona Courier C/T, $25:

3. Tower Quiet-Tabulator, $50:

I’ve never seen this model designation before, have you?

4. 1930s Royal portable, $80:

5. “Unique” toy typewriter in a back-to-school display, $30:

6. L.C. Smith #2, $75:

7. Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve, $45:

8. Wide-carriage Underwood, $125:

Let the guessing begin.


  1. Scott K

    The H3Kwas decently priced, but I think the Tower and the LC Smith would be more your style.

  2. Anonymous

    If it had been me, that Hermes 3000 would have definitely made its way into my collection but I seem to remember you're not a huge fan of the Hermes (BTW, you have my complete permission to purchase a Hermes like that for me at such a bargain price. I'd be happy to reimburse!).

    Anyway….I'm going to guess #3, the Tower Quiet Tabulator only because it seems a bit unique–I've never seen one before.

  3. Ton S.

    Hermes 3000. It's for Urban Legend for sure.

  4. Bill M

    I know your appreciation for the old Royals, but I agree with the others: Hermes 3000. I'd live to find one that looked that good for that price.

  5. Piotr Trumpiel

    For me: Hermes (in this condition at that price? either to turn around a quick buck or for a reasonably priced gift) and Tower (condition, bearable price tag maybe, curiosity?)

  6. Unknown

    The Hermes 3000.

  7. Peter

    Apart from colors of the plastic knobs and keys, that Tower looks almost exactly like my Tower Commander. I also wonder what the designation means.

  8. TonysVision

    Other than color, that Tower Quiet-Tabulator is the exact image of my recently acquired Smith Corona Silent Super. The latter was purchased from a Salvation Army this week for $30, and I would put it among the 10 smoothest functioning, quirk-free machines in my collection of about 35. All I've done is to replace the ribbon. If you value fascinating mechanical ingenuity, grab it – It has an interesting tabulator mechanism. 3Ks are a dime a dozen. (just kidding, my 3K is also in that group of 10). Alan Seaver (Machines of Loving Grace) speaks about Sears' re-branding here: http://sevenels.net/typewriters/catalog.htm

  9. Nick Bodemer

    I would have definitely bought the Hermes 3000–they run from $75-$300 in Seattle. I am guessing the Tower Quiet Tabulator and the Hermes 3000.

  10. Duffy Moon

    I would guess the Hermes, too…but, since everyone else did – I'll say the Royal. It looks to be in beautiful shape.

  11. Mark Adams

    I'm guessing the Royal and the Tower. Mighty nice looking machines, particularly the Royal.

  12. Piotr Trumpiel

    I would say Royal too but look at the state of it! What would there be for Richard to tinker with? ;) And for the tinkering – I would guess that L.C.Smith and Underwood are a bit off the "bargain" price range… :)

  13. TonysVision

    Corection – that interesting tab mechanism is a feature of a Facit 1620 that I've confused with the Smith Corona.

  14. Anonymous

    The globe. Definately! And maybe the Royal too.

  15. notagain

    I can see the hermes and galaxie for urban legend and maybe the tabulator for you

  16. Unknown

    What I'm wondering is how an H3K escaped a $100+ price tag! XD Maybe the carriage was locked?

  17. Duffy Moon

    I like that globe, too! Was kinda hoping he picked that up!

  18. Phil

    I would be tempted at most for the prices stated, but my bet is the Underwood wide carriage. I think you already have many of those in your collection, but not a wide carriage. Who knows when you may want to publish a news letter, but not on your Varityper.

  19. Richard P

    And the winner (again) is TON for being the first to guess that I bought the Hermes 3K, and only the 3K. He was also right that it's destined for resale at The Urban Legend Institute. Its body is a bit rough, but it's working well enough and I look forward to cleaning it up.

    Ton, you will be getting correspondence from me.

  20. Ton S.

    Why thank you, Richard Wan Kenobi. I await the goods (you do have my address update, I believe).

    While you're at it, you might want to throw in a QWERTY Groma Kolibri or Gossen Tippa. Just in case.

  21. Adwoa

    I'm late to the game and scrolled past all the comments (to avoid getting spoiled) just to say that I am sure the Hermes 3000 would have been your choice! Now I just read your exchange with Ton and I'm glad to know I was right. That's a fantastic deal – does it have a special typeface?

  22. Richard P

    You are wise!

    No special typeface, just standard pica.

  23. Piotr Trumpiel

    Ah, so the "never seen" remark was a decoy? Of course! What was I thinking – you've seen them all! ;)

  24. Anonymous

    That's a great find for a great price!

  25. Richard P

    I haven't seen them all, ZetiX — that remark was quite true, even if it misled some people in this guessing game.

  26. Bart Damons

    I'm envious of those of you who are fortunate to run across typewriters that are both affordable and desirable so easily. I've been looking around the antique malls and thrift stores near me for several months now, and never find anything worth having. Went this morning to 4 different antique malls, and found a "mint condition" (far from it) KMM for $95, an abused Remington Portable for $125, and a pitiful plastic Travel-Riter for $75. Most visits I see nothing. I bought most of my current collection from shopgoodwill.com, as even the local Goodwill stores are a wasteland when it comes to typewriters. Would love to run across a Hermes 3K for that price some day. That's the big one on my wish list I still don't have.

  27. shordzi

    For the record, my guess would have been Tower. My choice anyway :)


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