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by | Oct 27, 2013 | ABC, Blickensderfer, Imperial | 16 comments

Here’s what happened to the Brillant I bought:

(There was also more damage you can’t see in the photo.)
Now here is the Good Companion case:


  1. Will Davis

    Great stuff! I am very proud of the tie and t-shirt he gave me. I fully intend to wear the tie one of the days during the American Nuclear Society's Winter Meeting in D.C. in a couple of weeks.

  2. Michael

    @Will: Funny and scary how people's psyches can come through–I read "American Nuclear Winter Society"; (perception since corrected; I feel better now).

    That red Brilliant S _was_ beautiful.

    == Michael Höhne

  3. Bill M

    Too bad about the Brilliant. It looked like it would be a good machine. Who knows what the seller was thinking shipping across the pond without packaging.

    I did receive one of my Adlers wrapped only in shrink wrap. UPS of all carriers. It only had to go from Texas to Florida, but it did arrive in completely unscathed condition. There was not even a noticeable scuff on the shrink wrap. I got one in only a box via the USPS and it required major repair. Then the USPS is the only carrier that damaged any machines I ever sent.

    That is really great of Robert to bestow all those fine gifts.

  4. Miguel Chávez

    That Blick is a beauty! Reminds me a bit of the Corona 3, sans the huge hines on which the carriage folds. How does it type?

    What a pity about the brilliant; too bad common sense is anything but common when people pack things up for shipping.

    And that Good Companion case! Reminds me of the classic 1950s – 1960s Smith-Corona cases, but what really caught my eye was that big red label. Could you tell us what ship it was in? I could find some information about it to round out the story of the case…

  5. Rob Bowker

    In Typewriter Heaven, we call those fibreglass Imperial cases "bat cases" because, painted black, you just know Batman would have had one in the boot of the Batmobile.

  6. Richard P

    The Blick has a few mechanical problems, but the action feels good (better than any Corona 3 I've tried).

    Ralph H. Ward sailed for Wellington on the Gothic, a ship of the Shaw Savill Line. A previous ship's sticker is covered up.

  7. Robert Messenger

    Miguel, the Gothic was the "Royal Yacht" used by Queen Elizabeth II of England for her tour of the British Empire after her coronation in 1953-54.

  8. Ton S.

    They're all awesome!

    The Brilliant is particularly appealing, it's great that you got one as a gift to replace the damaged one (painful to look at!). What kind of packing is that?! Did you get refunded at all?

  9. Ton S.

    I meant "Brillant."

  10. Richard P

    Yes, I got a prompt and full refund.

  11. Steve Snow

    The first Blick Ninety photograph (taken from above) makes it look a little bit like an anorexic Corona 3 in a way. Makes me want to feed it some hamburgers to expand its waistline- not sure if I like the look or not. I agree 100% with Rob Bowker on the Imperial case though, it's as Batman as they come!

  12. Ted

    Spectacular gifts from a spectacular fellow! Love the Brilliant S and the Batcase :D

  13. Scott K

    You know.. Rob showed me that Blick 90 at his house before he sent it to you. Such a great machines. Rob has also given me some beautiful typewriters too.

    I wish I had something to give him myself. In fact, I have been working on something for a while. But… yet to be a surprise. I've always appreciated the machines Rob has given me.

  14. Unknown

    Congratulation on you special gift and what a rare machine. What a wonderful friendship you have. Enjoy it I know you deserve it for all the hard work you do at WordPlay and this blog.

  15. rn

    Playing belated catch-up w/ your blog: I love the return lever on the 90. An upside-down interrobang in metal.


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