Revolution in the mailbox: PNW, Magic City, Switzerland, and more

by | Aug 24, 2013 | correspondence, Insurgency | 14 comments

While I was in the UK and California, correspondence from cells of the Typewriter Insurgency trickled into my mailbox in the most NSA-proof manner possible: on slow pieces of paper!
First is a dispatch from the Pacific Northwest Contingency:
Well transmitted, Agents of the PNW! (I love those suckers …)
Next, from our Magic City cell:
You said it, bro!
Then we have a fabulous postcard with peel-off stickers sporting the coats of arms of the Swiss cantons, from the famous and mysterious Agent Bikethru:
Is Bikethru a double agent? Say it ain’t so! What is the explanation?
Bikethru, as last spotted in the London Town Liberated Zone
The counterrevolutionary card from Switzerland was soon followed by this one which simply reeks of fresh air. Same agent or not?
The Poltburo is starting to feel confused. 
Finally, I’ll share a magnificent envelope from a new correspondent, whose name I am blurring since he didn’t explicitly say that it should be shared with the world. The contents of the envelope are most worthy and he will be receiving a proper typewritten reply, as will others who sent me letters. Thank you very much to all, and please bear with me as the start of the academic year leaves me with limited time for typing.


  1. Ton S.

    Cool! Secret agent Bikethru is an intriguing character. I will, through my sneaky ways, determine who he really is. ( :

  2. Richard P

    Good luck. I met him in person, twice, and still don't know his civilian identity.

  3. Peter

    A Cthulhu stamp? Awesome!!

  4. Richard P

    It's The Ood. Apparently a tiny silver Queen Elizabeth likes to whisper in its ear.

  5. Peter

    Ah. Within the vast body of my Brit-TV knowledge is a gaping hole where Dr. Who would be.

  6. Adwoa

    Really? That is funny – subversive indeed! The second postcard is from Florian; I received similar greetings from him last week. (Was I not supposed to blow his cover? Sorry, Florian!)

    I am relieved to see that CHF1.60 works just as well as CHF1.90 (which Bikethru used) to get a postcard from Switzerland to the U.S. Yes, I'm a penny pincher! :)

  7. Anonymous

    I love these post cards! Nice and cryptic. I wonder what your mail man thinks when reading all of these post cards. ^_^

  8. Richard P

    Thanks, Adwoa, for confirming my suspicions about Swiss Missive no. 2.

  9. Richard P

    I hope they make his day more interesting than usual! Poor mail carriers, delivering nothing but junk mail and a few bills these days …

  10. Ton S.

    I guessed right too! It looks like one his past postcards.

  11. Dwayne F.

    Oh, man! These are great!

    I heart went pitter, patter while observing The Ood stamp.

    My tools of the Insurgency are in deep cover and no doubt intend to wreak mischief and havoc.

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks everyone, I am the mystery correspondent. I didn't think the Dr Who stamps would cause so much interest. They will have gone from the post offices now but they're still available from the UK Philatelic Bureau.

    There's no need for the address blurring, but thanks for the thought. Actually the Post Code and the word Adanaland are enough to find me. I hope the contents were of interest, Richard!

  13. Richard P

    Very much so! Thank you. I'll share some of them here, and will reply to you by post too.


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