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Many thanks to these buyers of a Jackalope typewriter pad who’ve taken the trouble to send me these unsolicited testimonials. Type on, friends!


  1. Ted

    I concur! I have your Jackalope Pad right here on my desk as a permanent fixture, and it has served to calm the most restless shimmiers among my fleet, including the hard-to-tame 6-pitch portables (you know how much they try to scootch off the desk when you're in the heat of typing). No better pad can be found on the market today!

  2. Bill M

    100% agree with all of them. Great typewriter pads. I have one I keep on my typewriter table where I use a full size Underwood or one of my Royal HH typewriters. The pads are thin enough I use the other one for my portables and have even taken it on trips with me.

    I have the commercial thick felt pad, but it has not been used since I have the Jackalope pads. Thick looks nice, but Jackalope pads look nice and work better.

  3. x over it

    Probably the best typewriter pads ever made, certainly the best I've ever used.

    Also, I love your new background! Could you send me the full image? :)

  4. TonysVision

    My Jackalope gets used pretty much daily. Right now it is ensconced beneath a simple brown Smith-Corona Sterling, originally a rust bucket I would have passed on if not for a cheery upright cursive typeface. I was so happy to have your pad to place it on for its first real use after refurbishing it.

  5. Will Davis

    I think I have one of the prototypes, or first run pads Richard sent out years ago and they're just fantastic. I especially recommend them for use either on old metal typing tables (which actually tend to amplify sound) and for use on any sort of dining table, or large wooden table that tends to loosen up and sway more and more with age. The damping effect is pronounced – you can tell by the surface of my ever-present cup of coffee.

    Those who do a lot of typing should endeavor to get one of these pads right away.

    There are a number of old / out of stock typewriter pads floating around out there, and generally the all-felt ones without a rubber liner on one side will slide. I however have at least one, maybe two all-rubber ones which work fantastically for prevention of sliding but are not nearly as sound-deadening as felt pads. Felt with rubber is your best bet.


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