Oh Snap!

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  1. maschinengeschrieben

    So wait, you got typewriter ephemera + a script Hermes 3000 for $10? Envious!

  2. Mike Speegle

    WOW. That's quite a haul! At the rate I'm going, I can't imagine the piles of goodies(/junk) my heirs are going to get after I shuffle off the ol' mortal coil.

    I have only used a 3000 once, and that was at the Great Seattle Type-In, courtesy of teh Lowz. My experience was much the same as yours; the Hermes is inoffensive, but in the end its "feel" leaves something to be desired, especially from someone with a heavy hand like me.

  3. notagain

    My wife would be livid if I came home with a haul like that. But good for you!
    Too bad your fingers can't appreciate the subtleties of the 3000. Perhaps with more practice…

  4. Fernando Antunes

    A scrip Hermes 3000… I'm really jealous! I've searching for one, but no luck yet.

  5. Bill M

    Congratulations on the Hermes 3000 with script typeface. It is very nice!

  6. Ted

    Ahh, the H3000 in cursive – an excellent deal for $10! If you decide you don't like it because it's an H3000 and lacks "snap", I'm sure there are many who would love to adopt it. (:

  7. Adwoa

    I knew I recognized that Hermes script! Congratulations on the nice find and the even better price… given the condition in which you found it, I'm sure the seller wouldn't have dared ask for more. And you managed to reanimate it thoroughly, so he sold it to the right person.

    As Ted says, if you're not a fan of the "buttery" feel of the Hermes, you should have no problem finding someone to take it off your hands for a tidy profit :)

  8. Rob Bowker

    I read about people washing and dunking machines. I'm lucky never to have had one in such a bad state – Remington Noisy Noiseless excepted. I'd feel pretty at ease with carb cleaner though. If the delicacy of a carburettor's precision parts is catered for, a typewriter's slightly more agricultural mechanics (even a Hermes) should be safe enough. By the way, that puts my £4.99 Olympia SM4 in the shade. You are a lucky chap!

  9. Matt

    One thing about Hermes I really never liked was their script typeface. There's just something about it that I can't quite put my finger on, but I actually prefer Olympia or Olivetti script. Either way, I'm envious of such an insanely good find, but then again, I AM getting an SG-1 with Senatorial typeface! :P

  10. Duffy Moon

    D'oh! I saw that ad on craigslist and was really tempted to make the drive. But, you can't chase them all down, can you?

  11. shordzi

    My "snap" candidates: Patria, as you suggested, as well as the Queen of typewriters, the Erika M (which, I believe, stands for "Meisterklasse", master class).

  12. Cameron

    I'm one of those who happens to like this Hermes script typeface very much — in fact, I prefer it to my Olivetti Lettera 32's.

  13. Anonymous

    I own one of each of the 3 models. Strangely, my favorite is the last one, the one that 'gets no respect', the plastic bodied one with international keyboard. I still prefer the S-C Galaxie in fine shape or the SM-9. RichardK/TX

  14. Typewriter King

    In all my experience pokin' at these critters, I've found to my liking mostly the American-made typewriters. Oh yes, Olympia, Adler, Torpedo, Consul, and a Remington made in France are also good. But, this is only my opinion: Olivettis, well-made as they are, have about the mushiest, yuckiest feel. When I tried out one, I felt like I was working against bread dough.


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