Notes from a virtual type-in

by | Feb 23, 2012 | Type-in | 10 comments


  1. Robert Messenger

    Well typed, Richard, and well said; a nice summary of events. Thank you for organising this, it was great fun. Well done!

  2. Ton S.

    Rats, missed this.
    I'm so clueless.
    I guess signing up for Google+ is the thing to do.

  3. Richard P

    I mentioned it only on Google+ because their "hangout" system seems like the easiest way to have multiple video chat, but I am not very well-versed in this stuff. And as I indicate in my notes, the technology is still quite unreliable.

  4. Bill M

    Very good! It is great you were all able to get together especially with all the time differences. Good work.

  5. Cameron

    Someday I hope to join these online type-ins, if and when we ever get high-speed internet service out here in The Woods. I'm on satellite which is only slightly faster than dial-up.

    But in the meantime, I will cheer you all on from the sidelines.

  6. Adwoa

    Yikes, a bit of a shock seeing my huge face up there… you should have let me know to pose for a picture :) And I forgot to take a screenshot myself, pity.

    Didn't get much typing done during actual type-in; why must I always pick my diva, little-used and not-entirely-reliable typewriters for such occasions? After straightening out the Rooy's ribbon, I finished a page about our meeting and will post it tomorrow.

    Thanks for organizing the type-in, Richard!

  7. Richard P

    I've made the image less huge. Sorry about that!

  8. deek

    Yeah, I thought I had a plan in place to join from work. I even brought in a cheap webcam. The webcam worked, but the network didn't seem to let me pass. I tried with and without webcam, with and without sound…all were a no-go.

    Then I tried my iPad2…no luck.

    Then I tried my smartphone. Its an android OS, but not enough to allow hangouts, plus, with only a reverse facing camera, it would have been somewhat awkward…

    There was an outside chance that I'd get home in time to join the tail end. I connected just after 5pm EDT, but alas, everyone had gone back to real life:)

    I think we should try this again. If we weren't going to the waterpark this weekend, I'd be able to join Peter's hangout, but, yet again, its just not in the cards!

  9. Richard P

    Too bad, deek. We saw you trying to join in, but you kept popping in and out of virtual presence.

    Anyone on Google+ — and there may be other good venues too — can start one of these hangouts, so I hope you will organize one at a time that works better for you.

  10. deek

    Yeah, each of those times I popped in, I was thinking, "This may be the one!" But it wasn't:(

    I think the hangouts are really easy to do and I just may do that, send out a time/date a few days in advance and just see what happens. It sounds like a bunch of us were at work for this one.


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