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  1. Chad

    Yikes to both. Once upon a time Costco offered affordable converting services, but not sure if that's the case anymore. The homegrown option can get convoluted indeed. What hosting service do you use? Between the domain and hosting, my self-hosted WordPress site costs ~$65/year through Namecheap. Might be worth shopping around if you haven't already – the Revolution must live on!

  2. Richard P

    Thanks. I use GoDaddy. Might resort to giving up the domain and hosting the site for free on the Xavier server—but the pages need to be redone or they won't work there. Sigh.

  3. Anonymous

    weird. Macs used to be *very* into 1394 Firewire compatibility, even more so than PCs were. Would be a good reason to dig out the machine you used to use 15 years ago – they talk to DV cams like the very best of friends. (:

  4. Richard P

    Oh, boy … do I have that Mac anymore? No, Xavier repossessed it. — I think it's the software (LifeFlix) rather than the Firewire connection that's at fault. My current inclination is to hire professionals to do this job, and fortunately there are some in Cincinnati.

  5. Anonymous

    ahh, well, if the quote is too much more than it would cost to ship the cam & tapes to AZ, I'll offer to do it for ya. I just recently digitized all my DV tapes, and still have that computer set up for it. (Ted, BTW, since Google won't let me sign in on your blog today)

  6. typewriter.works

    i rant at least weekly about how technology has been a lie. they promised it would make our lives easier but ever tried to self check-out at the grocer? ever gotten through without having to wait for the unattentive walmart employee to realize you need assistance?

    then there's what tv has devolved into with "streaming" nightmares. we can't just turn on the tv, click to a channel, and watch uninterrupted. and pause if you want. and skip commercials like when we had directtv. now it's click click click password are you still there? click click scroll scroll oops where is it? i thought it was on peacock! curse words click scroll scroll click click click who's watching this channel? click scroll click omfg! there it is! curse words then 59 minutes later, are you still there?

    why do we tolerate this?

    that's just tv. finding competence with the digital world is harder to locate than a republican who can tell the difference between fascism and democracy.

    today i received a nice email from a human pinterest sales rep. i've been posting there for 15 years or so from the outset of my gonzo motorcycle blog and had recently switched to a biz account so i could promote the new typewriter.works website and the MYRIAD PRODUCTS FOR SALE besides typewriters. before replying to the rep, i logged onto pinterest to find a message that they denied my biz application because i provide services, NOT PRODUCTS. i took a screenshot of the reply i sent pinterest as an "appeal", which was far more insulting than i will repeat here, and attached it to my reply to the salesman stating, "i don't do biz with stupid." then i wrote something also more insulting than i can repeat here and clicked the paper airplane.

    now i'm roaring with laughter. simply done coddling the idiots and their artificial intelligence b.s. which can't even visit a website to see with robot eyes ALL THE PRODUCTS I SELL.

    i get you, mister p. you already know my opinion on web hosts and godummy in particular. the answer is we must stop allowing the dumbassery to prevail, stop looking to the "republicans" of digit for answers and start seeking — and BEING — progressive and active in creating our own solutions to circumvent the stupidity that digital life has haplessly (or is it happily?) forged.

    problem is, that's hard. typewriters are hard to a kid weaned on an ipad and tiktok. a kid who knows nothing but entertainment-centric vapidity and harsh social media mobs he must get to like him more. and also, people are stupid and lazy. therefore, nothing changes and things get worse.

    saw something on insta the other day. it stated, STOP TRYING TO BE INFLUENCERS! THE WORLD NEEDS ELECTRICIANS!

    now back to my dark and lonely cabin in the woods and my 50 typewriters and my thermos.

  7. Anonymous

    I would add aggravation #3 to the list: the inability to easily access your videos/photos/documents that you so laboriously and carefully digitized in aggravation #2. They are safely hidden away in a corner of the cloud, or on your hard drive, or on a memory stick that you have lost, never to be seen again. John Mayer describes this problem quite eloquently in “California Typewriter “. Just my .02. Thanks, Tom R

  8. Joe V

    I’ve digitized some analog Hi8 camcorder tapes via one of those analog-to-digital “dongles” (I love that word!) from Amazon that converts the 4:3 analog footage to 16:9 MP4 video onto a memory card, in the “dongle.” Then I have to import the file to DaVinci Resolve (free version) on my Mac and squeeze the 16:9 back to 4:3. It’s kind of fiddly, but once I figure out how to do it, the process works well.

    I think you can also get one of those HDMI to USB video adapters and use OSB (free) software to record the footage playing from your camcorder.

    Richard, we appreciate all you do for the typewriter community!

  9. Joe V

    Oh, to get my comment to show on Blogger with my user ID, I copy the URL then paste it into Chrome browser (I normally don’t surf with Chrome), making sure I stay logged into Chrome, and it usually posts okay.

  10. Joe V

    OBS is the name of the software, it’s typically used for live-streaming.

  11. Richard P

    Yes, tech is a lie, in fact a self-deception. We tell ourselves that it's a better means to an end, but in fact the means becomes the end, and it entangles us.

  12. Richard P

    That *is* a problem! And even if you keep track of your storage devices very carefully, they will become unusable eventually, due to degradation or lack of connectivity. Another reason to get things on paper if you really want them to last.

  13. Richard P

    Thanks! I wasn't aware of that software. Looks like it's called OSB. I won't be trying to do this myself anymore, though—I am farming everything out to a local company that will do it for $20 a tape. Money well spent (I hope).

  14. Richard P

    Ugh … it figures that Google (which of course owns Blogger and Chrome) would try to push us toward Chrome. I recently heard Chrome described as the most popular spyware in the world.

  15. Anonymous

    For what it's worth, I have an old 2007 desktop PC with a FireWire port and Linux installed (Linux Mint) that I use for my DV transfers. There's a program called dvgrab that's really simple to use – just type "dvgrab [name of file]" and it'll grab video in 1GB chunks till there's no more tape. Then you can take the output .dv files and convert them using Handbrake. I keep that computer off the internet, and its sole purpose is video transfer.

  16. Vikram

    (I posted that comment, forgot to change it to "Post using Google Account")

  17. Richard P

    Ah, yes — the more insidious threat.

  18. Ping A

    Yes to all of the above. But more importantly, that's a delicious looking Voss you've got there.

  19. The Philosophy Teacher

    OK, I'll do it. Our enemy is not bad digital technology like this–it's good digital technology.

  20. Chad

    Hey Richard, I might have missed news of this somewhere else, but noticed the Typewriter Revolution site is now down. Did you decide to sunset it or will it reemerge elsewhere?

  21. Richard P

    Thanks for checking, Chad. If all goes well, it will soon be back with a fresh look.


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