January’s safari and guessing game

by | Jan 28, 2014 | safari | 10 comments

There wasn’t much new in the antique mall since last month’s safari, but I did see the following typewriters. Can you guess which one(s), if any, I bought? The first person to guess correctly will receive a genuine typewriter-themed postcard.
Brother Charger Correction, $25 (on sale for 20% off). You can’t make it out in this photo, but where the red ribbon color selection mark usually is, on this typewriter it’s white; the stencil mark is not white but silver. So this typewriter was intended to be used with a ribbon that includes a correction strip.
L.C. Smith no. 8, $99:
Remington Portable no. 1:
Price tag on the Remington. The staff at the antique mall said, “People come in and buy them for the keys, to make jewelry …” I replied, “Isn’t that a shame?!”
Royal P, $45:
Underwood Universal, $75:
By the way, these are among the first photos I’ve taken with my new iPhone. Yes, I have joined the hordes. It was time for a change after I dropped my old dumbphone, didn’t notice that the SIM card popped out, and (as best I can reconstruct the events) vacuumed it up while cleaning house. 
I need all the help with smarts that I can get!


  1. Ton S.

    You bought the Brother and the Remington Portable 1 for Urban Legend.

    One less member for the league of non-smartphone owners. How could you. ( :

  2. Bill M

    I would say you bought the Remington. I'd love to find one of those locally.

    ooo sorry about your phone. I still use a plain old dumb phone.

  3. RobertG

    At that amount and with that text on the tag the Portable #1 definitely. Maybe the Royal as a restoration challenge, the LC SMith seems a bit expensive (though it'd probably clean up well).
    But definitely the #1 (well, I would have :-)

  4. Mark

    I am guessing you bought the Charger and Remington #1 for Wordplay, and the Royal Model P for yourself (such a steal, I'd have bought it in a heartbeat!)

  5. Nick Bodemer

    Personally, I would have gone with the Remington, the Royal, and the Brother. I have never seen prices that low for those typewriters (except the Brother)

  6. mpclemens

    Well, I hope you snatched up all those that landed in the dreaded Keychop Butter Zone. I noticed that my own surplus glass-keyed machines were the first to be re-homed in the typosphere. Beyond that, the Brother is a secretly excellent machine, even with the funny "correction" switch. I turned the plastic version of this into my Pimpwriter, and except for the dead key used for correction, it's a perfectly fine two-color typer.

  7. Anonymous

    Since you were short on funds having just bought an iPhone, you settled for just the Charger?

  8. Anonymous

    I'm guessing you bought the Remington and the Royal, probably for Wordplay.

    If I bought a typer in Cincinnati and Fedexed it home, it would STILL be cheaper than our local prices! Are you taking orders? :)

  9. Richard P

    Thanks to all who guessed, both here and by e-mail. Mark was the first to guess right about which typewriters I bought: the Brother, the Remington, and the Royal (which is cleaning up quite nicely). They'll all be refurbished and will go to WordPlay. Your card is on its way, Mark!


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