Jackalope Typewriter Pads for sale — new design

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The original version of the Jackalope Typewriter Pad sold out fast, and it has gotten good reviews:

“I am enjoying the very useful pad. Incorporating the non-skid material with the felt is genius.”

“It is a marked improvement from the placemat and its mild protests to the typewriter’s journey across the table.”

“The non-slip surface on one side is a great idea!”

“I could not be more pleased. I had been using shelf liners with either felt scraps or dish drying pads atop. While they helped keep my typewriters in the general vicinity of where they were being used, they all, eventually skittered away. So far, my Jackalope has held fast. Neither my Olympias nor my Smith Coronas have budged it. If I’m taking a typer with me I just put the pad in the top of the case, close it up, and I’m good to go.”

“It’s definitely the best one I’ve got. The rubber footing works much better than the other rubber mat I have.”

“It definitely does a great job muffling typewriter noise, in fact, much better than any makeshift pad I’ve used. The thickness and firmness are just right, and the texture of the felt provides a good grip so that the typewriter stays in place while typing.”

One typist requested a different color choice, and a couple of people would prefer a thicker pad. I haven’t been able to get a thicker option, but I do have a version of the pad in a different color now. These pads are also an inch shorter on each side (12″ x 13″ x 0.25″) and a dollar cheaper. The price is $10.99 + $3.00 US shipping.

Just about every typewriter, portable or standard, will fit on the pad.

Like the original Jackalope, this pad combines soft felt with budgeless rubber to provide a quiet and stable typing experience. (Click to enlarge photos.)

Again, quantities are quite limited, shipping is to US only, payment is only through PayPal (credit cards can be used), and I will note on this post that the pads are SOLD OUT when they’re gone.

Once again, all profits will go to WordPlay Cincy.

The pads are now SOLD OUT.

Keep your eye on this blog, as I will have more to sell sooner or later.
Thanks, everyone!


  1. shordzi

    No Jackalopes on this side of the pond – one more reason to attend the big U.S. meetings this year!

  2. Bill M

    Nice looking pad. I'll get one of the larger ones if still available.

  3. Ton S.

    The grey looks good.

  4. Ted

    Ok, I want one. How shall I order? (:

  5. Ted

    Duh, I should read all the way to the bottom.

  6. Mark Adams

    Finally, something to keep my Hermes Rocket from sliding around!

    I look forward to getting mine.

  7. Strikethru

    These look great – what a lovely enterprise and for a good cause. I love to see new accessories for old things. Don't tempt me to get out the old sewing machine and try to make another dust cover (I've sewn a few in the past but they turned out a little bit like Charlie Brown's christmas tree…)

  8. Richard P

    That gives me an idea. It's cold here, I should knit cozy sweaters for my typewriters!

  9. Ryan Adney

    I've made a few and they aren't that hard. I have a pattern on my blog that is perfect for SM-sized machines.

  10. Anonymous

    Just ordered one – thanks Richard!

    My roommate will also thank you.

  11. Anonymous

    Can you post a link?

    I may try crocheting one, since I can't knit to save my life. :)

  12. Anonymous

    Never mind, I just found the pattern. Those are so easy to make!

    Perhaps I can have a second/third/fourth career sewing custom typewriter cozies for all of you. :P

  13. Unknown

    Looking forward to using this; thanks for making more available.


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