Installment 5

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15,755 words.

Some of them (pp. 24-26) were written with a new NaNoWriMa, an Olivetti Studio 44 that I bought in West Virginia. It’s a strange, long, luggable typewriter with a weird shape and color, and a peculiar charm.

I’m happy to have shot beyond the length I reached for NaNoWriMo 2008. This is now the longest piece of fiction I’ve ever written.


  1. Matt

    Good for you! Keep going!!! Nice Studio 44 by the way. I like them, but they're a little on the big side for me, at least as far as portables go! But, they're amazing machines! By the way, I just scored an amazing typewriter, FOR FREE! I'll tell you more in the next typecast!

  2. Machines of Loving Grace

    I have a love/hate relationship with the 44. After you've typed a long stretch on it, you'll understand what I mean. I do like that it looks like a prehistoric sea-bottom dweller.

    A while back I got the urge out of the blue to paint a typer purple. The 44 seemed like the ideal candidate, as I had a spare. It looks pretty good in purple. Partially inspired by your "hot rod Voss" mockup from ETCetera, I'm tempted to put flames on the sides as well.

  3. Duffy Moon

    My 44 is a script machine, so (for whatever reason) it doesn't get the NaNo attention of its non-script cousins.
    There's something optical-illusionish about the case of these things. They seem way bigger on the outside than on the inside. The machine (which is in the same size/dimentional category as a Voss or, I suppose, an SM-7) fits in there snugly, without a whole bunch of extra room, but when you set the case next to your other typers-in-cases, the 44's seems HUGE. Not sure how they do that. Or why they made it so drastically wedge-shaped (unless, that is, they wanted to guarantee that the 44 would NEVER be at the bottom of a stack of typewriters).

  4. Richard P

    I'd agree that the Studio, the Voss, and the later SM's are in the same category of typewriter, but I measure the back to front dimension of the Studio as 15 inches, whereas the Voss Deluxe and my SM8 are under 13 inches.

  5. Duffy Moon

    Hmm. Perhaps my ruler needs professionally re-calibrated.
    Maybe the optical illusion is in the size of the machine, not the size of the case?


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