I lovehate wires

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  1. Miguel Chávez

    I was worried for a moment that you had wired the Noiseless…

    I'm in the same boat. I am a confessed ludite, and am proud of it. I am also proud that I've earned a living for over two decades thanks to the hideous, everpresent computer. Guess that makes me a schizoid too.

  2. Vikram

    Hmm. While I do agree about the data mining, I must confess that I love my technology. Everything from the Nexus 7 tablet I use daily to the TI-89 Titanium calculator I carry around is indispensable for me, as is the computer for presentations and 3-D modeling. Imagine how long it would take if I had to design my Intro to Drafting final project on paper and draft each individual part! :P

    But the revolution, as has been said time and again, is being TYPEWRITTEN.

  3. Dwayne F.

    Some people have negative perceptions of a person typing in the open. Would the same person with the same device be perceived in the same way if they had a phony cable leading from the typewriter to a Nexus 7 or iPad?

  4. Scott K

    I love this peace of writing. I also really like what you have done with this visually. Wonderful.

  5. Ton S.

    My name is Ton S., I am also schizoid.

  6. Ted

    This one, also a schizoid, and proud! The melding of the Infosphere with the collecting community is certainly the next valuable step in preserving and re-popularizing the use of these 20th-century holdovers. Revolution == Typewritten!

  7. Joe V

    Well written, Richard. I too have resisted (thus far) the assimilation into all things Google, though it seems at times like a futile effort.

    I like thinking that, thus far, our typecasts are semi-private, only readable by humans or trained monkeys, not bots. It seems inevitable that this might change eventually, though given the quality issues with some of our typecasts I doubt if they'll be accurately read for a long while.

    The tonal inversion of your typecast is very nice, giving it a blueprint sort of look. I'll have to try that myself, perhaps.

  8. RobertG

    Probably all here are both 'wired' and somewhat taken with things 'not-wired'. Old or new, it is a thing for technology; not phobia surely :)

    My job means I've got to look ahead and think of the future products that could be. Means I've gotten some raised eyebrows from colleagues about my typewriters and other stuff. I've explained (justified?) my fascination with also older tech by reasoning that; to appreciate the present and to imagine the future, it really helps to know the past.

    (And same here on trying to limit Google encapsulation… even though being 'wired' is a key enabler. Hm…)

  9. Richard P

    You make a good point, Robert. No one who loves typewriters can be a technophobe! I should say digiphile/digiphobe, maybe.

  10. Rob Bowker

    Some years ago, at the dawn of my baptism in the digital stream, I contemplated the value of my privacy at length. I decided I was only going to feel really compromised in online environments (such as this one). Eventually, it wasn't a hard decision to make though I spent a good few years using pseudonyms. Then along came the Facebook and everyone seemed to have thrown in the towel on privacy. It gets a little harder to switch off the wires but never impossible.


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