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You meet the nicest people here, and they all seem to have excellent shirts …

And then there is Herman’s little typewriter collection. Here are a few of my faves …
Don’t be too jealous, one of these is a reproduction …
Even Herman’s junk is fascinating.
We assembled in the driveway for awards, auctions, raffles, and presentations …
Our gracious host invited everyone to sign a basketball:
We agreed that, as the leader of our band, he deserves this bandleader’s cap from the Remington company band, discovered by Peter Weil:
Several items were auctioned off to benefit hurricane victims and raise funds for the Early Typewriter Collectors’ Association. I confess that I ended up the owner of the monster Torpedo in the foreground:
The annual QWERTY Award went to Doug Nichol for directing the wonderful “California Typewriter”:
The presentation of the award:
Peter Weil and Martin Howard discussed their Kleidographs:
What’s a Kleidograph? This is:
Glenn Gravatt tells us about Remington firearms:
Bryan Kravitz (Philly Typewriter) told us about his ambitious plans to open a store in Philadelphia (he’s been working out of his home) and host a typewriter festival there next summer:
I gave a presentation about customized typewriters like my Purple Prose Producer and Herman’s giraffe-print Smith-Corona, both of which were present in the flesh.
The beauty contest attracted the curious to see curiosities in the pool room:
“Shabby chic”:
Meanwhile, outdoors, there were typewriters galore for sale …
… and typewriters that people put out for show and tell.
An Olivetti M40 War Version with German keyboard is a very unusual find in the US, but Monica Corwin snagged one on the road to Herman’s:
An unusual Royal Electric with a low serial number looks like a giant Quiet Deluxe. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the brains to take a picture of the typewriter itself, just these details:

Now it was time for the typing contest!
Some brave souls used 19th-century shiftless machines. Here’s Ian Brumfield on his Caligraph (formerly mine), which isn’t even QWERTY.
I used this Yost No. 4, but there wasn’t enough ink in the ink pad for me to see the results clearly. Behind it is a Smith Premier.
I did my best to count my errors and came up with 27 wpm.
Do you think we sound as good as the Boston Typewriter Orchestra?
After pizza, as many were watching the first of two showings of “California Typewriter,” I retreated to my hotel room to relax and write this post. 
You may have noticed a gorgeous burgundy Selectric in the beauty contest. This was customized by the expert hands of Brian Brumfield and is among the treasures I’m taking home.
Good night!


  1. TonysVision

    Thanks very much, Richard. Looks like some fun folks and some fascinating machines. Congrats on your 17 wpm! About what I could manage on my Oliver.

  2. Ping A

    What a blast!

  3. Ted

    Nice 7×1 (:
    Congrats to Doug for his well-deserved QWERTY! :D

  4. Unknown

    Wow! So glad you guys are having fun!! Wish I could be there! Thanks for listing, Richard! :-)

  5. Joe V

    I'm with you there in spirit. Thank you for the update, I wish I could've been there.

  6. Bill M

    It looks like everyone had a great time. I am always amazed at Herman't collection. He even has Writing Ball Under Glass> Sure beats pheasant.
    I would have loved to be there. Maybe next year.

  7. Alison D

    Oh that Selectric! What a beauty. Thanks for sharing all of this! Makes me feel a little less sad about not being there this year.

    Did I spy my aunt’s Oliver 3 in the beauty contest? I’ll have to follow up with Herman on that… Ollie is coming home this week with JP and Katie, and will get her own blog post (kansastypewriters dot com). Yippee!

  8. TomR

    Outstanding, thanks for the post Richard! Thank goodness it didn't rain!

  9. SteveK

    Enjoyable post, thanks!

  10. SteveK

    Enjoyable post, thanks!

  11. Abby Hogan

    Thank you for the photos, videos and descriptions!

  12. Rob Bowker

    Excellent write-up and thanks for sharing the experience. It looks like you had better autumn weekend weather than mine spent in a very rainy Derbyshire.

  13. Unknown

    Can anyone come? I would love to try and go next year!

  14. Richard P

    Yes, all typewriter lovers are welcome. Contact Herman (typewriter.museum@gmail.com) and ask to be put on his list!


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