Heading south

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  1. Joe V

    Have a great trip and be sure to update your blog if you can, I'd love to see what you're up to.

    Oh, do typewriter spools turn the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere? Check for me, please!


  2. Richard P

    Ha! I bet they do!

    I'll post if I can. Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. Miguel Chávez

    Fantastic! Congratulations!

    I´ve always maintained that obsolescence is relative, and our typewriters are excellent examples of this axiom. Sometimes innovation for innovation's sake will mean the users get to do the same investments over and over again, just to be able to do the same using the newest technologies. Case in point: LP albums made obsolete by CDs, which in turn were made obsolete by MP3 files… but LP albums are as obsolete as their users want them to be, and, just like typewriters, they are experiencing a resurgence, being possible to buy new albums from current artists recorded in the venerable physical media.

    So, I bet this will be a very interesting experience. And a very welcome chance to escape from the cold! It's been quite chilly here in Mexico, I can only imagine the chill factor up there in Cinci!

  4. rn

    Only if this obsolescent technology is going down the drain …. but one of the points of your talk, from a peek at the precis you've posted, is that typewriters have a secret second life that sheds light on the nature of technology. You can't flush them away.

    Knock 'em dead, Richard!

    Bring some Borges. He wrote quite a bit about obsolete tech: knife fights instead of gunfights. And a small typewriter, brand unspecified, plays a key role in his 1942 story Death & the Compass.

  5. Richard P

    Thanks! I love Borges—didn't remember about the typewriter in "Death and the Compass," though. I have a neat little palm-sized edition of Ficciones that I might tuck into my travel bag.

  6. Richard P

    Good points, Miguel!

  7. Ted

    Have a fun, safe and educational trip! Say hello to Mr. Boan for me (:

  8. Robin Heilschild ????

    I still use cassettes and Beta videocassettes…xD

    Yes, obsolescene is relative…xD
    So, did you go to Argentine? Interesting…xD

  9. Bill M

    Have fun and watch out for the mosquitoes with Zika.

    Ever notice things did not seem to become obsolete as fast until the flood of Japanese electronics onto the American market? Now digital is obsolete the day after it is introduced.

  10. Steve Snow

    Love the wintery scene, but gee you've got some funny shaped cars over there in the US :p

  11. ortbraker

    Richard, as a matter of fact, I've knew Jorge Luis Borges very well. We met several times, and he signed for me the first edition of his Complete Works (I was ninetheen years old then, now I am near sixty two).

  12. ortbraker

    Bill, Zika is not a huge problem at Buenos Aires (it is at the north of the country, and in the famous Iguazu Falls).
    There is another disease whose vector is the same kind of mosquitoes, called Dengue. If you catch Zika, the effects are so weak that is possible you never know you catch it. Dengue is another kind of problem. It is called "The brokebones fever", and it is very hard.
    In two months, or less, here at Buenos Aires the temperature lowers and the mosquitoes nearly dissapear.

  13. Richard P

    That's called the Corona Folding Truck. It's known as the Corona Folding Lorry across the pond.

  14. Mark

    I am excited about your new academic interests and based on The Typewriter Revolution you seem pretty qualified to ask and discuss questions of obsolescence. I hope you have a great time!
    I think is amusing that you ex-SS machine is hiding out in Buenos Aires.


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