Get your new Hermes Ambassador

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  1. Bill M

    Wow! A brand new Hermes Ambassador for $200!

  2. C.M. Mayo

    FAR OUT!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. Danke.

  3. Unknown

    Let me clarify please! These are not in fact brand new. They are used. I am only selling the ones that are in beautiful, near new condition. If I can type you a letter on it, I will sell it to you, for $200 plus shipping. If I cannot type you a letter on it, I keep it. If anyone out there is savvy enough to repair them, please contact me and we can negotiate for those ones.
    Thank you
    Amber Smith
    Storage Express

  4. cjcoake

    The one I purchased–which is what prompted me to write you, Richard–is unused; I stand by that. Not a mark on it, and no signs of any use whatsoever.

  5. Richard P

    I spoke on the phone just now to another buyer who said his was practically new (just a few test strokes had apparently been typed on it). "Near mint" sounds like a fair description.

  6. Unknown

    Near mint works for me. Just don't want the expectation of a never used machine. :-) you all are so great. Sent 4 more out, and we still have plenty left.

  7. Bill M

    I have one on the way. Now to locate a scrap machine to swap the Z & Y typebars to a QWERTY KB.

  8. Unknown

    I received an email about shipping to China, from a Shen Yi, but I am unable to reply to your email. I do not have the model you are looking for. And International shipping is very near $1000.00

  9. cjcoake

    I'd be really interested in hearing how this goes. (Though I've not been bothered by the Z-Y nearly as much as having to shift for a semicolon.)

  10. Unknown

    I have plenty of broken ones… :-) Some as low as $85 plus shipping if you want scrap ones.. Still comes with the crate.

  11. Bill M

    Mine was delivered right to the workbench this evening. Fodder for a blog post.
    It's like new also.

  12. Richard P

    Great, I look forward to seeing it.

  13. Abby Hogan

    So FASCINATING!!!! What could the story be? Its like typewriters arrived from another dimension or something!!!!

  14. Abby Hogan

    I can’t stop thinking about these typewriters

  15. Unknown

    So… as I am coming to the end of the nice working ones, and left with what seems to be a lot of those that need work, I happened upon a different one. Its a Hermes Ambassador, but not like the others. It has a problem I cannot diagnose, as the only keys that will push are any except the letters… But alas, I cannot even figure out what it is. So, the green ones that are round-ish are one year, the white ones I have come across are a different year, I get that. Anybody have any insight into what exactly this one's history would be (aside from it's most recent history, which has been sitting in our storage unit….) Heres a picture of the kind it looks like

    Its kind of more plastic than the others…

  16. Richard P

    Looks like a really late version. If the letter keys aren't going down, maybe the line lock is stuck. It's supposed to engage at the end of the line to stop you from typing one letter over another. This could be an easy problem to fix, but I can't promise that, obviously.

  17. Unknown

    I am sad to report today, that of all these wonderful machines I have left, not a single one of them is what I would call "working condition." I will now lay to rest the remaining ones. I appreciate all that you have done here, as well as the enthusiasm I have found in all of you. Thank you

  18. Words are Winged

    They had been selling them for $40 per crate, $55 for the crate and typewriter. Someone musta tipped them off to internet prices. Cool machines, none the less.

  19. Unknown

    I received the rest of our typewriters from our Kuna location last week. We do now have 5 that are in great working condition. Cosmetically not as beautiful, so I am dropping these ones down a little. I need to move all of them if I can. I have 5 that work, price range from 175 to 200 plus shipping depending on how pretty they are. If any one is interested, I do also have 25 that do not work. As mentioned in a comment above, I will sell them at 50 plus shipping. You can email or call. Please no international requests, as shipping is terribly high. As mentioned above, email is management@storageexpressboise.com and my phone is 208-807-2820

  20. Unknown

    May I clarify this as well, that price was for the typewriters that do not work or need repair.

  21. Unnamable

    I bought one of these from Amber a couple of months ago. My Ambassador has happily graded many student papers since then. The case is also very cool, too. Thanks, Amber.

    (Andrew in Florida.)

  22. Unnamable

    I think mine was manufactured in 1980. In comes Apple computers.

  23. Brooks

    Are there any working Ambassadors left, and what would shipping run to the Washington DC area?

  24. Richard P

    Possibly. You'll have to ask Amber.


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