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I’ve been getting lots of wonderful typewritten letters. Gradually, between revising my novel, doing administrative work, and teaching, I am getting around to answering them. 
I have mailed my personal replies to the authors of the letters excerpted below. I think these snippets will be appreciated by a broader audience.
From southern Mexico:
Yes! And we have to take some chances to build genuine connections. I hope this typist will try something that may sow the seeds of a local typewriter community …
… like this one in Southern California:

My co-editors and I were very glad to read the following kind praise from a reader in British Columbia for last year’s volume in the Cold Hard Type series. (We are currently reviewing submissions for this year’s volume, Dead Keys.)

Finally, I thank this correspondent (also from Southern California) for sharing a great quotation that I hadn’t seen before.

 I welcome more correspondence (see the “Write me a letter” link at the top of this blog).


  1. Bill M

    Nice snippets.
    I have a stack of Edward Abbey books I'm presently reading. I'm sure to come upon that quote.

  2. typewriter.works


    (the incongruity of the emoticon to reply to typewritten scans amuses me)

    richard, if i was to rank the personages of the typosphere in order, you'd be at the top, with munk & duane (phx typewriter) tied, then tom hanks & joe van c.

    them for their work, tom for the positive propaganda.

    you're at the top for obvious reasons and flattery is a trap so i'll try to keep it short. i found your classic typewriter site probably weeks after you launched in 2010. i remember my excitement as i'd been looking for info about my pre-war remington portables since 1999. "classic typewriter" was instrumental in dating them. turns out one was an october 1920 portable #1. i had no idea what that meant until i found your site. it was just an ebay buy for around a hundred bucks in 2000. fully operational. finding that out set me on this path.

    purchasing "the typewrtier revolution" was the key which turned my hobby into what i'm slowly forming into a career. one away from full-time art direction/graphic design/web design. finally nuked my online portfolio last month. that'll learn 'em.

  3. Richard P

    Thanks, I really appreciate learning that I've had some good effect. Onward!


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