Fall surprise: Meteor typewriter from Spain

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In case you can’t tell, the black Patria has a return lever with an upturned end, and tombstone-shaped keys.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, this Meteor came from that modern cornucopia, eBay.

Ken reviews his French-built Patria

Georg’s rundown of the Patria family


  1. an *sshole with a typewriter.

    What a gorgeous machine, it might just be that I'm still new to all this but I'm really loving the color and design.

  2. Will Davis

    Interesting, and beautiful! Your Meteor has the same return lever and keytops as my Commodore, also made in Spain, whose serial number is 11492 and which also has a C85 stamped in the machine. (That's a common number with this series- the later Florida was model A85.) I had not seen Georg's family discussion on the Patrias before — it looks like he has been very busy on that while I was away from typewriters.

  3. L Casey

    Wow! Great find! Not sure how I missed that on eBay. Ha!

    The color is gorgeous, and I am sure it is an amazing typewriter. Congratulations!

  4. Scott K

    Oh, I like! I really, really like!

  5. Bill M

    Great find. Congratulations! The typewriter is really a nice looking machine and the color is wonderful.

  6. notagain

    very nice! Wonderful color! Meteor is a cool name but not particularly appropriate to typewriters, I think.

  7. Ton S.

    That Meteor is stunning! And very nice color. Congratulations for yet another astonishing find.

    Is the typing action identical to the Patria? How would you describe it?

  8. shordzi

    I was indeed – I hope that google translate by now gives acceptable results (I noticed then when going into details, it can create confusion, as I have tendency to construct these long and complicated German sentences).

  9. shordzi

    Welcome to the family, Meteor! This is a super find, and very nicely put into picture around the autumn leaves.

  10. Richard P

    It feels just like other Patrias to me — a very solidly built little typewriter, reliable and well made. For maximum snap and speed I would still choose an Olympia SF.

    On this Meteor I sometimes fail to space because I don't depress the spacebar enough, and there seems to be no way to adjust the sensitivity. But you could get used to that.

  11. rn

    I was ready to swoop in at the end of the auction. Now I'm glad I didn't. It's swell to see this fall beauty featured here. Rob

  12. Ted

    beautiful machine. from Spain to my backyard to yours – glad you picked it up! (:

  13. Ryan Adney

    If I remember my Phoenix-area typewriter sales and repair shop history, Scottsdale Typewriter was the Hermes distributor for the valley. What a cool thing to find. Straight from the heavens to your fingertips!

  14. Rob Bowker

    That reminds me, I'm "watching" a Byron currently on eBay UK.

  15. maschinengeschrieben

    That red complements very well with the autumnal leaves, indeed! I have to add, the spanish Patria in glossy black looks very nice as well.

  16. michaeliany

    I was watching this auction. $170!! I was turned off with (what I felt was) a high starting bid but watched it in case I suddenly felt it had to be mine. In the end, I figured I have enough machines for now and this one I'd let go for now.
    I had no idea it'd go for $170 tho!
    Great looking machine!

  17. Duffy Moon

    That's gorgeous, Richard. Thanks for sharing that. One of these days I'm going to drag home a Patria machine…as soon as I make a bit of room.

  18. Michael Willis

    Great blog and article. I will be picking up one of these in the next day or two from a local seller, and it has the original instruction manual. It is indeed a Patria. If you like I can provide scans.


  19. Richard P

    Thank you — sure, I'd be pleased to get scans, and a photo of your machine too if you don't mind. The Patria is not rare in Spain, but exports and this name variant certainly are. Congratulations on yours.


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