Even more little-known typewriters (P-R)

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A glimpse of a glimpse of a Pagina typewriter is all I have when it comes to this obscure name variant of the Meteor.

Pearls turn up so rarely that only hard-core collectors are aware of them.

The Peha is a magnificent monster.

A Peirce has been on my wish list for a very long time, but only one is known: this one in the Milwaukee Public Museum.

The bizarre Phönix is another object of intense desire on the part of a certain typewriter nut. Its entire keyboard tilts when you type.

Here are the remnants of a Popular, which almost looks homemade.

This Predom 1301 looks like a relabeled Facit, or a clone of one.

The Printotype, a reductio ad absurdum of typewriters, optimistically called itself the No. 1 and applied for patents around the world.

This Proteus is a name variant of some imitation of the folding Corona.

The Prouty Typograph is delicate and delightful.

Very few typewriters begin with Q, but the Quality 003 is one of them …

… as is the Qyx, a pioneering electronic machine of the late ’70s marketed by Exxon, of all corporations.

The Rapid is relatively well known among collectors, but very rarely seen. This letter gives us one reason why.

The Remer was an admirable but unsuccessful attempt by a Barcelona office machine dealer to create its own typewriter in the 1940s. Story in ETCetera No. 87.

We end with an accessory. Incredibly, one of these Revalk Type Writer Pads survived 116 years to be offered on eBay just the other day.


  1. RobertG

    Neat – o the amount of ingenuity that was (and is) spent on writing :-)
    Wrt that 'Pagina' machine, some typewriters seem to have had a dozen brand names on them – the Wellington thrust machines pop up with an amazing array of names.
    Still keep an eye on the local classifieds and still odd named machines turn up. Bu then there were a huge number of makers trying to enter the field, esp in Germany during the twenties I think. Eg just now a decrepit 'Liga' (I think) is listed… Probably a make that didn't make it :)

  2. Ping A

    That Rapid letter is so sad…

  3. David Brechbiel

    I bought that Typewriter Pad! My wife volunteered to make me a few and we wanted to know what the padding inside was made from. I was just too curious. It is great that you found the ad!

    I have to say that I so enjoy the monsters and would say the feet on PEHA win over any typewriter I have seen. The whole package is deliciously over-the-top!

  4. Richard P

    The Liga is one of many typewriters stemming from the Kuhrt Brothers, as I recall.

  5. Richard P

    So you have the Revalk—possibly the only one in the world! Congratulations.

  6. David Brechbiel

    Thanks! To be honest it didn't occur to me that it was rare. Tho I hadn't seen one before. I liked the look of it … anything maroon. I hope it arrives safely … now I question whether it should be used.

  7. Nic Whitney

    I just picked up an Oliver No.5 and it had one of those Revalk pads in its case, although the print is not as clear as the one pictured above and its print layout is slightly different. I appreciate seeing the ad for it, because I couldn’t find much information on it.

  8. Richard P

    Neat! I'm glad I created this post, then. Enjoy your Oliver and its pad.


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