ETCetera no. 99

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No. 99, September 2012

The Little-Known Halda 4 from Sweden
Gathered Around the Writing Ball
Show & Tell: Typit
Ephemera: Watch the QWERTY!
Portables, ETCetera by Robert Messenger: Royal Scrittore

Issue 99 of ETCetera, the journal of the Early Typewriter Collectors’ Association, is now available. I have a copy to give away to the first nonsubscriber to request it at polt@xavier.edu. [Sorry folks, the copy was claimed 6 minutes after this was posted!] With this issue, Robert Messenger starts a column; here he reviews the latest Chinese portable, the Royal Scrittore.
And there’s news about the magazine: after the extra-juicy issue 100, I will be stepping down as editor and ETCetera will move to the very capable hands of Alan Seaver, creator of the Machines of Loving Grace site. Alan is going to continue all the good features of ETCetera, and I’ll be helping and contributing as needed. 
Visit the ETCetera website for information about the magazine, subscriptions, and some downloadable PDF issues.


  1. Ton S.

    I'm sure Alan Seaver will do well as editor; it's also great to hear that you'll be staying on as contributor.

  2. schrijfmachine

    Thanks for editing ETCetera for the last years; you did a very nice job! Can't wait to receive number 99 by mail. :)

  3. L Casey

    I have a had two pronged attack of feelings with this post. Yes, I am ever so excited to get the newest issue of ETCetera, but saddened that you will be giving up your post. Of course, I am absolutely sure that Alan will do a fantastic job.
    Would that happen to be Maddie's McCool?

  4. L Casey

    Also, when you say 'Robert Messenger starts a column', does that mean we can look forward to more articles from him? That would be absolutely fantastic!

  5. Richard P

    Yes it is, and she will be contributing an article about it to the December issue.

  6. Richard P

    Yes indeed! Robert plans to write regularly for the magazine.

    Peter Weil will also continue his impressive "Ephemera" column. Those who aren't familiar with it should keep their eyes on this blog, where I'll soon be providing a sample of how much cultural knowledge Peter can extract from a single photo.

  7. Bill M

    Sad to see you step aside Richard. I too believe Alan will do a great job. In either case I need to subscribe. It is one of those I need to get to it, but need to read it when I get it also. So far I have trouble finding time to just skim trade magazines and sometimes QST and National Geographic.

  8. Richard P

    My professional life has been getting busier, and I'm trying to simplify life a bit. Editing the magazine has been a treat and I'm glad to have done it, but when I bring issue #100 to publication (which will be the biggest ever), I'll be ready to move on. I would continue, though, if I didn't know that Alan was just the right person to edit the magazine next.

  9. Tom Furrier

    Richard- Thank you for the great job you've done with the magazine. I look forward to every issue. I know Alan will do a great job too. You deserve more free time in your busy life. We all need to simplify our lives.

  10. Machines of Loving Grace

    Thanks, Richard. I hope to live up to the gold standard which you have set for the publication. Undoubtedly, the true key for success lies with our great contributors.


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