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PS: This inkwell is called a Swivodex, and here’s the patent for it.


  1. Ton S.

    Very cool inkwell. I was eyeing one at O'Gara and Wilson but unfortunately, it closed shop before I could buy it. I don't even remember when I last used a dip pen or fountain pen, I'm not even sure I ever did.

  2. Phil

    I can't tell, does the bottle swivel in the base? Neat if it does. I like my Parker 51 desk sets with the magnetic base. They can swivel almost anywhere. I have an old "Morris" desk pen. I think you place a bottle upside-down in it, then it keeps the pen well full of ink at all times. I'll have to dig it out and take a look.

  3. Richard P

    Yes, the bottle does swivel (it's a separate piece). Reminds me of a little cannon, or an observatory.

    The upside-down system may be better; ensuring that the tip of the pen dips into the ink is not so easy in this swiveling system.

  4. Joe V

    I've dabbled in caligraphy, decades ago, but recently purchased a simply dip pen set at a craft store, with the intention of revisiting dip pens for daily handwriting use, alongside my fountain pens. I might have to look for an inkwell myself. Nice post.

  5. Rob Bowker

    Indeed I have dipped deeply and often and then along came a fountain pen. Life got less messy :-)

  6. Unknown

    I have an occasionally use a dip pen but not in style like you. ;)

  7. Ted

    I did get a bunch of dip pens and quite a few interesting calligraphy nibs in a bag recently. I need to make some time to test 'em out..

  8. Peter

    I've never used a dip pen, and now you have me eager to try one.
    However, I have a modest collection of fountain pens (some family heirlooms) and rarely go anywhere without one.
    I'm partial to Noodler's Ink, myself. My Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 146 is currently filled with Noodler's Empire Red, which is wonderful.

  9. Anonymous

    I was eyeing a very expensive inkwell on eBay.. in the shape of a typewriter. I wish I had just got it, but oh well.
    That is a very cool inkwell – I'll need to get one for my calligraphy set someday soon ;)

  10. Bill M

    Nice ink well. I was wanting one a few months ago, but put it off and do not have one. I use my Waterman 100 year pen as a dip pen.

  11. Vikram

    Cool! I don't use dip pens, but use my Pilot metropolitan fountain pen daily for note-taking in class.

  12. Anonymous

    Very nice art deco inkwell. I have a dip pen but I don't use it often since I prefer a more steady flow of ink when writing.

    (This is attempt ?? at posting a comment on your blog, crossing fingers that this works)

  13. Richard P

    And it worked! Thank you.

  14. Don Lampert

    Of course there should be an inkwell and a dip pen on every gentleman's desk! Going even further back into our past, eh? It gives us a sense of our "now", and informs our future. It also seems more creative in a way – kind of with a bit of "flourish" Thanks Richard

  15. Unknown

    I use a dip pen and inkwell to maintain a good old-fashioned contacts list which can never, ever, be hijacked by spammers. I've not been so lucky online…

  16. Anonymous

    It all follows, first you get interested in typewriters, then fountain pens, then dip pens. A quill will be next and before you know it, you'll be sending cuneiform letters in clay envelopes. ;-)

  17. Scott K

    Ohhhhh that's a nice ink well. Very nice! Enjoy!

  18. Steve Snow

    I like it a lot. If only I had a desk worthy of something like that. It looks a bit like a mini snow machine or a short squat cannon.

  19. Brian

    Yes! I was wondering if you'd take the plunge into inkwells. I've been into dip pens for a while now, thinking if I get any more retro (computer to typewriter to dip pen) I'll have to buy a chisel or learn cuneiform. I bought a great brass desk set on eBay with a huge inkwell, letter opener, pen rack, rocker blotter, AND matching stand holding a brush for cleaning your pen as you write. I'll tell you, depending on the nib and ink, you can get several lines written without having to dip, and dipping becomes second nature and won't interrupt your thoughts.

    But I might not regress to caveman grunts – I just got a near-perfect Oliver 9 and I can tell, once I get the platen and rollers recovered, it's going to become a favorite machine. One step back up the evolutionary ladder!

  20. Richard P

    That sounds like a fantastic desk set. It must be fun to use a rocker blotter!

    I like the variation in width that one gets with a dip pen; it can make almost any writing calligraphic.

    Thanks for commenting.

  21. TonysVision

    Do forge ahead with that Oliver – they are great fun to use, and always of interest to visitors.

  22. TonysVision

    Richard, the classic style of your penmanship is a perfect match for that lovely dip pen set. You've encouraged me to splash around a bit more with my pen, which has been used mainly for testing ink samples.

  23. AndrzejM

    And I like the small details aboy the ink. The sticker says it comes from Slovakia while bottle itself comes from Slovenia. While this is nothing strange these days, I find it funny coincidence anyway.



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