Biting the hand that feeds me

by | Aug 29, 2014 | Insurgency | 9 comments

PS: I’ve added a fourth ringtone / alert tone to my collection of typewriter tones. (No, it doesn’t look like I’m going to completely break free of the digital world any time soon!)


  1. schrijfmachine

    Interesting! I didn't know that google uses Captcha to get help with OCR. I don't think there is anything wrong with companies trying to sell their stuff and being creative in their advertisement-ways. However, it's good to be aware of their practices and have a choice to NOT use their services.

  2. Ton S.

    Preaching to the choir. I am very annoyed with Google.

  3. Ted

    Good luck! let me know if you need help setting up WordPress. (:

  4. Robert Messenger

    Thank you for this, very interesting. I will take your advice on anonymous comments.

  5. Scott K

    Damn sexy Torpedo you have there. I think I have made it widely known what my opinion of Google and blogger is, and I'm intending to blog about the transition of my blog away from Google soon, which will have some valuable information for anyone wishing to do so too.

  6. Bill M

    Very nice Torpedo.

    I too decided this week to got WordPress. Our radio club recently changed their site & blog to a blog there. What got me was once again my blog links and blogroll is gone for the umpteenth time. I hate the captchas and do not use them.

    I may still post for a while on Blogger, but as soon as I can get my own typewriter site or move to WordPress (free or paid–I've not decided which yet) Blogger is history.

    I switched from Google searches long ago because of the way they track searches. If there is one way for a company to get me NOT to purchase thier product is put a splash ad on top of what I want to read or on top of my searches and I guarantee I will not buy their product personally or professionally.

    I set up a seperate mail account from my blog for my blog and G+, but I do not like nor use G+ and often forget to check that mail account since I do not link it to my email handler.

  7. notagain

    I didn't/don't like the capcha trend either. Sometimes I refresh until it's just the distorted words.

  8. Mark Adams

    Google is a two-edged sword: so intrusive, yet so remarkable. The idea of an artificial mechanism "knowing" my mind is disconcerting, but being able to know the world so much more is intriguing. I'm not yet ready to acquiesce, but I see the writing on the wall.


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