Bikecast: Mt. Adams and Eden Park, Cincinnati

by | Jul 1, 2011 | bikecast | 10 comments

It took some wrestling with the scene-stitching software and some self-education about panoramas, but here are the results (I recommend trying the full-screen version).

Click to see full-size:

Click to see full-size:


  1. Ton S.

    It' great that you're showing this side of Cincy as well. "Lunch Lady" lol

  2. satchmotypes

    Lovely! And what amazing panoramas! Loving the bikecasts. Maybe someday I'll rig my bike up for a tour of my little town.

  3. rino breebaart

    hairnets! panoramas! typebikes that come into view when you rotate all the way round!


  4. Rob Bowker

    I'd been investigating panoramas earlier this year with a view to taking them commercially – there's a great 'wow' factor. But once again, you beat me to it. I started off with Panomonkey and although they were a great bunch and responded to my queries, the process for getting hold of embed codes was a bit frought. I wonder if some kind of front wheel restraint (like a hinged two pronged fork) might save your front brake cables from getting twisted when you are off the bike? The way the front wheel slews round might be putting a kink in the system? Anyway, I have a silver surfer to buff so I'd better be off. Great post btw and such a contrast to Joe Van Cleave's style. I'm a big fan of both. To the grindstone!

  5. Richard P

    Thanks, Rob. I investigated a few free sites and Panoramic Earth seemed to be the best for my current purposes, but they will accept only 360º panoramas. As a new user, you also have to wait a bit for your images to be approved before they go live. But then the embed code is easily available.

    My bike has various deficiencies. If only I enjoyed tinkering with bikes as much as I do with typewriters … I'll get around to it someday!

    By the way, I should correct one of my typecast pronouncements: it seems that the Pittsburgh steetcars, like the Cincinnati ones, died out in the mid-20th century. Now there is talk here of a new streetcar route in the central city. Boosters say it would be great for tourism and business, detractors say it's a frivolous waste of money. Our new Republican governor, John Kasich, has denied the project any state funds. I think it would be fun but have no idea about the economics of it.

  6. Ted

    A masterful bike-cast, Richard! You're really pushing the edges of the art. Vignettes, panoramas *and* a sketch? Magnificent! :D

  7. Rob Bowker

    Just waiting for a (non-typewriter-related) pano to be approved. The upload screen mentioned sphericals on a 2:1 ratio so I think those are OK too, just trickier to stitch. I used the Photomerge plugin in PhotoShop which was pretty effortless.

  8. Cameron

    Great pics of Mount Adams…brings back memories of college at UC…typewriter-on-a-bike = wonderful idea! What kind of typewriter is that? I'm looking for a very portable machine that is NOT my 1922 Corona (too old & finicky).

    Your blog is very artful and it is inspiring me to start my own typewriter blog, which I've thought about doing for a while now. Keep up the great work!


    Cameron Kopf

  9. Richard P

    The typewriter is a Tower Chieftain (Sears-branded Smith-Corona Skyriter) from the '50s. I stripped the top and repainted the bottom (see my first typecast for May 2011).


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