Aristocratic autocast

by | Apr 18, 2011 | Empire | 9 comments

PS: Sorry about misspelling “Pittsburgh” (the city; the typewriter is correctly spelled “Pittsburg”).

According to The Typewriter Database, my Aristocrat was made in 1957.

Click here to read about an airborne Aristocrat on Robert Messenger’s blog.

Deek carcasting
Munk’s Hot Rod Typewriters magazine idea 

Notagain’s cartoon


  1. Ted

    that's a community, the healthy give and take of ideas, each inspiring a new creative thought in the others :D

  2. MTCoalhopper

    Hee hee hee. Anyone who doesn't "get" all those references must not be part of the typosphere. There is an easy way to remedy the situation, though: Pick up a functional machine, by whatever means possible, write something with it, and then share it with us. In no time, you, too, can be a typospherian!

    And, Richard, how does a Hermes Baby compare with a Groma Kolibri? I think the latter is just that little bit more attractive.

  3. Philosophothinker, ThD

    Wow, I'm mentioned on a typecast. *faints*

    After recovery:

    BLACK TORPEDO?! I have a silvery green one, but black… awesome. (I say this because a black Torpedo 18 is near the epitome of a portable typewriter, according to me)

    And a script VisOmatic is too cool! You'll see the VisOmatic I'm picking up this weekend on an upcoming typecast. :)

  4. Richard P

    I'm enjoying the burst of comments!

    MTC, I prefer Kolibris in every way — they're very stylish and the mechanism and feel of them is more sophisticated, although of course there are limitations when you cram a typewriter mechanism into such a flat package.

    Philosophothinker, I look forward to comparing Torpedos and VisOmatics. (I love capitalizing that middle "O"!)

  5. Adwoa

    That's a very classy-looking typewriter; the burgundy handle on the case is a nice touch!

    I don't think I'm ever going to forget the phrase "Madonna bra ribbon covers". What an image! I suppose gullwing was a bit dull…

    Nice new acquisitions! Should be interesting to have the black Torpedo face off against the black Voss :)

  6. Richard P

    Oh, I meant to add a link to this YouTube video of a college student trying the same trick my Chinese student tried.

  7. Martin A. Rice, Jr.

    As faculty at the University of Pittsburgh, and analytic philosopher that I am, I must correct your spelling of 'Pittsburg'. There, I've corrected it! But, as Aristotle would say, in one sense you are wrong, but in another you are right. 120 years ago, the proper and accepted spelling was, indeed, 'Pittsburg'. Apart from that, a very pretty machine, although I agree they stink as typers. I have one whose essence is the same as yours, only its property, kata sumbebekos, is green instead!


  8. Ted

    Heh, about 12 years ago during a brief stint in community college, I used to take notes during creative writing classes with my Remie Scout. That professor loved me but also insisted that I use a quieter tool for my note-taking. She didn't seem to mind me submitting typewritten papers, though.

  9. deek

    There's nothing like a carcast for a change of scenery! Also, I have loved having the smell of my SM3 in the backseat as I drive to and fro.


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