Another pile of little-known typewriters (T-V)

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The Tachotype is a really cute Dutch stenotype. I had one for a while.

The products of Talleres Alonso in Valencia, Spain include the Andina Nova, Alondra, Talbos, and Sabater. More information in ETCetera No. 86.

I featured the Taylorix Zeilomatik on my blog a few years ago, but I think this hulking machine still counts as obscure.

The Telautoprint, known to me only from this illustration, was one of many admirable and failed attempts to develop a teletype.

Same goes for the Telescriptor.

But here is a more successful Teletype Perforator. (I know, these aren’t “typewriters,” but you’re interested, right?)

Here is a Thurber (or a reproduction of one?) along with an artist’s idea of how the pioneering Mr. Thurber might have been viewed by conventional scribes.

Another invention is Thurber’s Patent Kaligraph. Absolutely not a typewriter, but a device for replicating handwriting. Grab one if you see one.

Here’s an Alpina, right? No, it’s a TOPS P-2.

Toyo made the Condor, Jaguar, Rexina, and other obscure and fragile portables.

The Toyriter is … well, just what it says it is.

The Trebla is an index typewriter you can clamp onto a table.

This Tyro is a practice keyboard.

The only Uarda I’ve ever seen looks delicate:

This Unic is obviously a clone of the Mignon, but is it a name variant of another clone, such as the Heady? I don’t know.

This Unica may really be unique; there is no record of it anywhere but in this photo taken in Barcelona. The name is off-center and I wonder whether this was mass-produced or not. Certainly not in large numbers.

The Universal Letter Marker didn’t have the nerve to call itself a typewriter.

But the Universal Type-Writer did, even though it was really just a printing kit (as I suspect the Samtico was—see previous post).

The Univex is a minor Spanish index machine.

The Velographe would be a great addition to any collection.

The Virocyl is a cute little index machine from France (I believe).

The Vision 2000: ordinary, yet very uncommon.

Here’s a beautiful Victoria from Spain …

… not to be confused with this Vittoria from Italy.

And finally, a Vornado:


  1. Ted

    I'm so sad there's only W X Y and Z left! :D

  2. Unknown

    There are some pretty interesting machines here… I personally wish I had the Vornado with the plaid case

  3. shordzi

    Got the Vornado (sadly without plaid case), now looking for the Vélographe! Thanks for this nice list.


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