An ostentatious newcomer

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  1. Ted

    So when are you, Oddjob and Pussy Galore going to hit Fort Knox again? :D

  2. Adwoa

    Ooooh… very nice. Definitely serendipitous that you were able to "trade in" the SM-9 for this gilded beauty. The height of luxury… even more interesting because I had no idea they made these. I've seen the gold-plated Royal and the gold-plated Princess 300, but this is new.

    Speaking of Olympias, we are on the same page because I was planning to install the carbon ribbon in my recently-acquired-and-subsequently-neglected SM-3. The typeface is identical to this one.

  3. James Watterson

    Well it looks like it cost a million bucks! Looks like some real luxury there. You can pretend your Don Corleone, at least I would!!! I love it!

  4. Matt

    Where did you find that gold plated QDL? I hear those are VERY rare, and also, this Olympia is EXTREMELY rare!! Chances are, this was a custom job. I've only seen one other example of this typewriter:


  5. deek

    Very sexy!

  6. notagain

    that's beautiful. how do you tell A 3 from a 4?

  7. Richard P

    The SM4 has key-set tab stops (the "set" and "clear" buttons on either side of the spacebar). The SM3 has sliding tab stops that you set on the back of the typewriter.

  8. Dwayne F.

    Again, an impressive typewriter! I'll have to try carbon ribbons in my Olympias. Is that a stock IBM ribbon?

    I fear you are correct with regards to the ill intent of the teaming masses of budget typewriters. The Royal Signet caught a glance of the screen and started typing uncontrollably in its unpretentious upper case.

    Perhaps Marie could escape on her Dressage horse. Or maybe hide in the massive stable/training center.

  9. Richard P

    The ribbon is new old stock, non-correctible carbon ribbon for the Selectric I (=model 71). You can find it pretty often on eBay.

  10. marko

    Wow, lovely. Just got an sm4 myself.
    It seems to take a few pumps of the backspace key for it to work though – not sure if this is normal. Back space seems to act differently generally than on other typewriters I have. Not sure how the tabulator works, but probably won't use it much anyway. Do you press the + a few times across a line length to set as many tabs as you want? it doesn't quite seem to jump to them fully.

  11. Richard P

    That backspace isn't normal; it needs fixing (and I don't know how).

    Yes, the + will set tab stops wherever you want, and – will clear them. There is a lever on the right end of the carriage that clears all stops at once.

    Sounds like your tabulator also needs work — maybe just some cleaning.

  12. marko

    I was wondering what that lever was for!
    Time to get the torch out again I guess ;)
    The Backspace works only after a few presses, maybe needs a new spring, unless i am missing one. There is a long one under the left side I can see, but there doesn't seem to a spring on the right side under the platen, but that seems to be normal – no hooks to attach one anyway.

  13. margie

    Im looking for a Olympic Progress master,,i have been unsucsesfull finding a model number for this typewriter, how can i publis a photo of it

  14. Richard P

    I think you mean Olympia Progress. Progress is the model name (there isn't a number). Serial number and date information is available here. You can send me a photo if you like at polt@xavier.edu.

  15. SteeV

    I just picked up one of these in green off of CL. $60. It's gorgeous. Now including yours I know of two gold plated SM3s.

  16. Richard P

    Congrats! What a great find. I've never seen a green one; I've seen one or two other than ones like mine.

  17. SteeV

    I wish there was a way to post a picture to show you. But it's handsome. I can't find much info on theme other than they seem to be a factory option. But they must be pretty rare no? Any idea how much it could be worth? Not that I'd sell a beauty like this. For all I know it's one of a kind.

  18. Unknown

    I just purchased one for $10 at a thrift shop. I just knew I shouldn't leave it sitting there. Any idea of the value of one of these?


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