A visit to Berkeley Typewriter & the Dayton type-in

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The Berkeley Typewriter storefront:

Joe and Ken:

This ancient Remington no. 6 purrs like a kitten after Joe’s ministrations:

I just love the color of this Empress.

Hermes Ambassador. Ken and I agreed that it’s ugly but impressive:

Here’s a spectacular gift from Tom Hanks (who called it a Selectric but we’ll let that slide):

A couple of Olivers hanging out:

Every kind of ribbon you could want:

Yes, Ken uses WD-40. He says it’s great and causes no problems if applied lightly.

I’d never heard of charcoal lighter as a cleaner. Ken sings its praises. Good thing he doesn’t smoke.

Some Valentines stick out:

A ’50s Smith-Corona electric portable getting a spa treatment:

A Personal Selectric getting overhauled:

Lots of special characters on this Olympia:

A typewritten portrait of Steve Jobs by Kelye Kneeland features text from the notorious “no more typewriters” memo in the background:

And here are a few scenes from Dayton.
Trevor Brumfield of TB Writers Plus organized the event.

A large room in a public library offered enough space for typewriters of all kinds and ages. They outnumbered the typists!

Mitch Hamm brought some beautiful machines: 

All sorts of typists came from as far away as Seattle to enjoy the event.

Spot the ca. 1900 blind writer:

By the way, whenever I share pictures from type-ins online, someone says, “Why aren’t there such events where I live?” And my answer is always: Make it happen! I’ll be glad to spread the word.


  1. Anonymous

    Wow, I'd have expected the typers to be swarmed with kids since it was held at a library. :D

  2. Erik Bruchez

    I can't believe I haven't yet had the pleasure to meet in person. I am in the Bay Area as well :)

  3. Peter

    Kingsford, eh? I learn something new every day.

  4. Bill G

    For once I’m not disappointed — Berkeley Typewriter looks exactly as I’ve been picturing it in my mind for a while now. The perfect amount of disarray to feel genuine. It’s cool to see Ken there.

  5. Richard P

    Yes, it feels very "real"!

  6. Mei Travis

    Air BnB's are way more interesting than hotels. WOW, that's a lot of amazing typewriters at both the type-in and at Berkley! After gushing over the gold and blue Royals among the other beauties, I now need to take a nap. :-D

  7. Bill M

    Good to see Berkley typewriter is going strong. Behemoth is an understatement when used to describe a Hermes Ambassador.

    Looks like a nice Type-In. Sad there were not more typists.


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