A Remington 10 from the ’80s

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Miguel included this report …

… and this coded message:

If decoding Morse isn’t your idea of fun, you can peek at the answer here.
If you haven’t seen Miguel’s meticulous, interesting, and bilingual blog, check it out.
Here’s a Remington 25 (from an auction in Spain):
The styling of these Brazilian Remingtons is reminiscent of the Monpti:

And finally, here’s that old Remington 10 I mentioned. No plastic here—but lots and lots of cast iron.

PS: Some followups to my previous post. WordPlay did not get the $5000 grant, but I’m sure there will be other opportunities for the typosphere to support this nonprofit — thanks to those who voted. And the Wall Street Journal article on typewriters has been delayed, supposedly until next weekend.


  1. Ted

    Neat machine, I was about to say it reminded me of a Monpti before I scrolled down. :D

    Sorry about missing the $5K, we'll do better next time!

  2. Miguel Chávez

    Thanks for mentioning my blog, Richard! That blue Remington 10 is a very nice machine in a beautiful color, I'm very glad it made it safely to your hands. And you're right, the other Remington 10 is a bear of a job! Have fun with them!

  3. Bill M

    What a fine looking typewriter. I love the Mose Code message. Now I need to find out if Miquel is a ham radio operator. -.. . -… .. .-.. .-.. .- .. ….- .– —

  4. Miguel Chávez

    .- .-.. .- … –..– .. .—-. — -. — – .-.-.- . I don't have the knowledge or the equipment. :(

  5. Ping A

    I've never seen this plastic Remington 10 before. Looks amphibious. And I like the techno/robot typeface. Thanks for showing it, Richard.

  6. Scott K

    Crikey that's a heck of a machine. I'm not sure if love the styling or not.

  7. Don Lampert

    Yeah, The color is cool, but the styling doesn't do it for me either. I do have a Remington 10-40, and it's amazing though how strong and solid the plastics are. Didn't they call it Cycolic or something like that? One of my 80's SCM electrics had a typebar cover that looked like this one. It's good to know that the mechanics are good, and see a Brazilian made machine.

  8. Anonymous

    Good luck on that restoration project! Doesn't look easy, but well worth it!

  9. Ton S.

    Ooh, that's cool. I like the font too. I've seen this in Miguel's blog, I believe his has a camel brown color. When I first saw it, I knew it resembled something, thanks for pointing out that it's the Montpi! Curiously, Monpti has been compared to Valentine, yet, Remington 25 and Valentine do not resemble each other.

  10. Ton S.

    Okay, that's an honest typo, I've always known that it's MONPTI.

  11. shordzi

    definitely cool! so is the presentation. thank you!

  12. Richard P

    You, my friend, rock.

  13. Alexandre Silva

    Thank you for the blog. I have one Sperry Rand 10 blue like yours. Do you known some site that register the serial numbers of Remingtons? Thank you and cheers from Brazil to you.

  14. Germano

    These Remington is from '76-'78 in Latin Spanish layout and is sister of model 20, in white with tabulator, suceded by the models 12-22, the same but 12 was in orange and both with a new cap then turns in case.

    Sperry Rand do Brasil was closed in the end of '79 and the production was taken by Remington Indústria e Comêrcio de Sistemas para Escritório SA, a national enterprise and these caused the serials back to zero. The visible change is the newer Remington logo and no more Sperry Rand, and some units were sold under the Torpedo brand.

    I have one of the earlier 25 launched in '80 and the serial is very low, P028xxx. The 15, 25 and the low-cost Ipanema was in production during that decade and the only change i know was in '86 in the monetary simbols, from Cruzeiro to Cruzado in Brazilian Portuguese layout, and from Pound to Austral in South-American Spanish layout. I don't know about serial was these change.

    Althought exists other big (and ugly) brazilian sisters of 2x from the 80's, the model 33 with a more wider carriage and the no more portable Alfa, with the older Remington keycaps.

  15. Richard P

    Thank you for this excellent information! It's all new to me.


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