A Companion’s Companions

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  1. Ton S.

    What a coordinated bunch, very nice!
    I've never been into pens but that's a perfect match. The Good Companion 7 has an interesting color combo I've never seen in any typewriter, especially that mango yellow space bar and matching platen knobs. When you say you don't see differences between the two Companions, does that mean the 7 also feels as good and snappy as the 5?

  2. Ton S.

    P.S. I just noticed that the margin-sets are also in mango yellow. Neat!

  3. Ryan Adney

    lol? Ugh. Text message shorthand has been insidiously working its way into what students turn in. It's me versus cell phone culture. I am putting up a valiant fight, but I think I'm outnumbered.

  4. rn

    Why, oh why, did they have to restyle the whimsical carriage return lever from the 5? I understand they were trying for an angular approach, but I think they could have come up with something far better than the prosaic wedge they put on the 7.–Rob

  5. Richard P

    It feels almost as good. I think that when I thoroughly clean and lubricate it, it will be just as good.

  6. Richard P

    I don't know whether that "mango" color is original, or is a discoloration of the plastic. It reminds me of the color my old Macintosh turned after years of sunlight tanned its originally pale beige plastic!

  7. Richard P

    This guy was a jerk who never apologized and just wanted to laugh it off. He also said that he hadn't had time to follow my packing instructions. If you don't have the time to ship an item safely, don't sell it on eBay!


  8. Richard P

    I agree. I like the feel and look of the old lever better.

    The new, conventional-looking lever still feels different from the norm, because it moves on a horizontal axis instead of a vertical axis.

  9. Mark

    People who won't pack things nicely are frustrating. I have always been able to get at least a partial refund though. The last two eBay typewriters I got had excellent sellers and arrived perfect.

    I have a cyrillic typewriter too. I guess they aren't so common in the USA. Mine is a 1949 Underwood, right before the whole Red Scare and McCarthyism and all that. It would have been a pretty suspicious item to have in ones home at the time!

  10. L Casey

    Quite nice. God, how I love Good Companions! I agree that the older carriage lever is nicer, but the new one is quite interesting, as you have pointed out. It sucks when sellers are jerks…especially with packing. However, I have found enough good ones, so far anyway, that have outweighed the bad. It all adds up, though.

  11. A.R.M.S.

    Wow, congrats! They all look wonderful together; the pen almost looks like the boss (or the ringleader, as I could see it in the inner pocket of a pin-striped, double-breasted suit-coat) while the 7 sort of looks like the flower-child of the bunch! I haven't seen too many Imperials around. I'd love to get to see one in person. And both Imperials work fine? Even better. I'm happy the Cyrillic survived its journey, despite the seller not listening to you.

    Also, this makes me that much more excited for the arrival of my Cyrillic Erika. Any day now…

  12. Bill M

    Very nice typewriters and a matching fountain pen too. It is good that your typewriter arrived safely.

    My policy which I tell sellers is pack my way because I give negative feedback if you do not. The last one I bought on Epay was only wrapped in industrial shrink wrap. Seller got negative feedback and complained to me and ebay, he lost.

    One day I will get a vanishing point. I think they must be very handy. Until then I'll pull & post the cap.

  13. Dwayne F.

    "peeps that dont rap well suck. lol!"

    I'm glad that machine still works. That could make for an interesting cipher correspondence game if someone was brave enough to play along.

    The pen is just awesome! I love the color.

  14. teeritz

    Nice GC5. I just sold my one on eBay. Although, I did pack it up properly and it went interstate, so it couldn't be the one you just purchased, Richard. Besides, my one was missing a small corner of the GC5 badge under the space-bar.
    In my listing, I mentioned that Sidney Poitier has one in his apartment in "To Sir, With Love" (1967). Which is cool.

  15. notagain

    Never even touched one of this line. Eventually I assume I'll run across one.

  16. Cameron

    I am always impressed with the cosmetic quality of the typewriters in your collection, Richard. They are unfailingly in excellent condition; museum quality.

    Mine, on the other hand, are mostly beaten up and definitely look used.

    "LOL" is a red-flag for lack of intelligence, or at the very least, a distinct lack of seriousness.

  17. Ton S.

    It's on record, I'm the only one who's ever raved about discoloration!

  18. Richard P

    PS: a plaque on the back of the GC7 shows that it was sold in the US. The American distributor for Imperials was located in Stockton, California.

  19. Steve

    Interesting you mention that about the GC5 having no baseplate but the GC7 has. There must be variants then, because the bottom of my GC5 does have a baseplate that covers its underside. Mine is the version that comes with the leatherette case and has two push buttons either side for fixing it in. 1960 model.


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