50 Common Typing Faults, by Albert Tangora

by | May 15, 2013 | Royal, typing competition, Underwood | 14 comments

My favorite typing champion has long been Albert Tangora. Why? There’s just something about his handsome face and smile that I find — well — winning.

Notice how Tangora’s championship Underwood has a special extended lever instead of the traditional stubby one, for easy returns, and a huge, distinctive bell that he could hear over the din of a typing competition.
I even sneaked Tangora into my 2010 NaNoWriMo novel:
I recently found this pamphlet attributed to Tangora, published by Royal in 1939. It includes 50 tips, an illustration of Tangora at a Royal, and more propaganda for the latest Royal typewriter. You can download a PDF of this charming bit of ephemera (about 7MB) by clicking on its image.

You can see Tangora in action here.


  1. TonysVision

    Thank you very much, Richard! This is fun to have, and there is useful stuff here, like the bit on getting into a rhythm. And of course, I'm going to phone or write my nearest Royal office immediately for some extra copies for my friends.

  2. Ted

    Man, that dude could fly at the keyboard! (:

  3. shordzi

    Thank you, very uplifting!

  4. Rob Bowker

    Thanks for sharing, Richard. You are right about his winning smile and good spots on the 'pimped' typewriter!

  5. Bill M

    Thanks for sharing Richard. That is a great little book. Some of it I believe was quoted by my High School typing teacher, especially 'now sit up straight, don't let your hands droop, and rhythm, rhythm rhythm' among a few other cheers or screams. And never never never let her catch you taking a glimpse of the keys while typing.

    Now I am happy she drilled that into us.

    That is a fine little booklet.

  6. Anonymous

    Ooh! Thanks for sharing Richard.

  7. RobertG

    Adding my thanks too; nice to be able to read this. Recognize the rhythm item – mechanical device has mass, thus it has a frequency…
    (often more than one ;)

    I also recognize the anxiety when almost completing the faultless page.

  8. Ping A

    Incredible typing in that video clip! If one made a typo in the competition would that word be deleted from the count I wonder?

  9. Richard P

    I believe it would be worse than that: 5 words were subtracted for every typo. These guys achieved accuracy rates of over 99% while typing at these inhuman speeds. You need a special kind of brain for this! Tangora also was able to type while balancing a glass of water on one of his hands.

  10. Martin A. Rice, Jr.

    Unless I miss my guess, and I sometimes miss lots of them, Margaret Owen had reached or exceeded 150 wpm at one point. Of course, she was in the generation of champs just prior to Tangora and never, as far as I know, balanced a glass of water on one hand while typing. None of that detracts from Tangora's amazing achievements.

  11. Mark Adams

    I feel one needs to find the right rhythm for each typewriter. Once I get the rhythm, I can make the typewriter sing. It is quite an experience, quite a thrill.

  12. Paul Harker

    The link for 50 Faults brings me to your home page. Is it defunct or due to me using a mobile browser?

  13. Richard P

    I've updated the link. Enjoy!

  14. Paul Harker

    Very much enjoyed; for the content, the nostalgia, and the marketing!


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