1960 Torpedo 18b

by | May 11, 2020 | Torpedo | 13 comments

I’m currently teaching an intensive online course (on the philosophy of nature), so I don’t have much time for this blog. It’s easy enough, though, to post some photos of favorite typewriters.

This Torpedo 18 is one of the very few typewriters I have bought on Etsy. It wasn’t cheap, but it was well worth it, as its action is snappy and quick, and I love the black, white, and chrome look.

I use this machine for writing checks, and I have the tab stops set in just the right places. There is a simple pleasure in being able to depress a key and make the carriage move right to the spot where I need to type the date. Since this model 18 has a tabulator, it’s known as the 18b. I think this is generally agreed to be the best of the portable Torpedos.

From the user’s manual:


  1. Bill M

    Beautiful typewriter.

  2. Don Lampert

    Yes, that is sharp! Thanks, Richard

  3. Ted

    Very shiny! Also that pencil sharpener is tres chic! (:

  4. Phil

    Great eye. I thought it was one of those sonic pest chaser machines.

  5. Phil

    Several years ago I bought a Brother Daisy wheel which had a key marked "PCT." All I could think was percent, but it turned out to be "Personal Checkwriting Typewriter." In PCT mode you place the check on the paper table and hit enter. It rolls the check up to the date line,then tabs to the date position. The last date typed shows in the window. If correct hit enter and it types it, then advances the paper and returns to the "pay to" position. Enter the payee and hit enter. It types payee and advances to the amount position. Enter the amount and hit enter. It types the amount in figures, then advances the paper and moves to the beginning of the line, then automatically spells out the amount ending with xx/100. In the meantime, all data is stored in memory and at the end it says "print register?" When you select "yes", it says insert paper and hit enter. It advances the paper, then starts printing date, number, payee and amount for each and totals the amount column. It makes writing checks fun and easy. I paid $5.99 with senior discount at Goodwill.

  6. Richard P

    It's actually a bluetooth speaker!

  7. Richard P

    Wow, I've never heard of this. Clever!

  8. Mark

    That's a good looking machine!!

  9. Nashville Typewriter

    OUTSTANDING typer, Richard!
    I was told before acquiring my Bluebird;
    "They're great machines but be careful, they can ruin other machines for you a little.".

    Pfft, whatever.

    (He was right. ?????)

  10. Wall-O-Withnail

    Hey, am trying to find the year of manufacture on my Torpedo and Typewriter Database is frustrating me. (Why cant you just type in the make/model and serial number and get the date? UGH!) I think mine is an 18 b, and it has cursive typeface. Any clue how I can date it?

  11. Richard P

    What's your serial number? (The system you propose would take a major reprogramming of the site. We have to do it the old-fashioned way, consulting tables.)


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