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Equip yourself with these books and join the insurgency against the all-digital mindset.

the typewriter revolution by richard polt
The Typewriter Revolution

Craving your first typewriter? Curious about the creative possibilities? Want to join the movement? THE TYPEWRITER REVOLUTION is your field guide to the 21st-century typewritten world.

the typewriter revolution by richard polt for sale here
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Loose Dog is the independent publishing arm of the typewriter revolution. The Cold Hard Type series collects typewritten stories of post-digital worlds, time travel, terror, transgression, and more.

We also publish insightful and entertaining deep dives into history such as Lucas Dul’s The Williams Typewriter.

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Online since 1995, this site has become a center for the love of typewriters and their history. Find user manuals, photos of famous writers with their favorite writing machines, repair shops from around the world … even download free typewriter fonts like the one you’re seeing right now.


THE typewriter MANIFESTO

This is the reason you’re here.  It’s the declaration of digital independence, the gauntlet against technofascism and surveillance capitalism, it’s the call for liberty from vapidity-spewing tracking devices.

Check out The Typewriter Revolution Manifesto in over a dozen languages.  Your language not covered?  Type it out, take a photo and email me.  I’ll post it on Instagram and here on The Typewriter Manifesto page. 


The Typewriter Revolution

— W E B L O G —

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A visit to Typewriter Chicago

A visit to Typewriter Chicago

Typewriter Chicago is the brainchild of Lucas Dul, and the second new typewriter shop I've had the opportunity to visit this summer (after TB Writers Plus). Lucas just recently secured a brick-and-mortar location after operating from his home for several years. It...

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I felt it when the Typewriter Insurgency Manifesto came to me over twelve years ago: THIS NEEDS TO BE SAID. I sensed possibility, but I did not know what would come of it. I did not know it would lead to translations, posters, a book, even a dance. It continues to...

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See California Typewriter

DIRECTED by Doug Nichol

THE TYPEWRITER REVOLUTION appears in this film along with Tom Hanks, John Mayer, Sam Shepard, and others who love and enjoy typewriters. See this film and be inspired to discover an analog world lurking under the digital surface of our century.

fox typewriter no.24
evertype, a novel by richard polt / COMING SOON
the noiseless portable