The Typewriter Revolution

A Typist's Companion for the 21st Century

Why a typewriter now? ​​ ​How do you find a good one? ​How do you take care of it ?


The Typewriter Revolution ​has the answers.

What do thousands of writers, makers, kids, poets, artists, steampunks, and hipsters have in common?  They love typewriters—the magical, mechanical contraptions that are enjoying a surprising second life in the 21st century.

The Typewriter Revolution documents the movement and provides practical advice on how to choose a typewriter, use it, and care for it—from National Novel Writing Month to letter-writing socials, from type-ins to customized typewriters. 

The book includes leaders of the 21st-century typewriter revival such as artists Keira Rathbone, Tim Youd, and L.A. Marler; street typists such as Typewriter Rodeo, Poems While You Wait, and Jacqueline Suskin; and the bloggers of the Typosphere.​ ​

Author Richard Polt is the creator of The Classic Typewriter Page and editor of the typewriter magazine ETCetera.​